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Here are some aesthetic fruit tattoo ideas you might want to try!

Here are some aesthetic fruit tattoo ideas you might want to try!

Have you thought about getting your favorite fruits inked on your beautiful skin? For some, tattoos symbolize a moment or even someone special in their lives. Although it may sound odd, fruits as tattoos can be for aesthetic purposes or it could be for some special reason. Perhaps, it reminds you of your childhood? Or it’s a fruit that you share with your loved ones. Whatever reason it may be, it will surely look cool and fresh.

So, here are some aesthetic fruit tattoo ideas you might want to try!


I got sweet tooth and strawberry youth! Oh, C’mon who doesn’t like strawberries? These two mini strawberry tattoos with a perfect shade of red definitely radiate freshness. Perfect for a subtle yet cute appearance on the skin.

Instagram | @song_tattoo


Instagram | @estertarabal


You might want to try these two mini watermelon tats. Perhaps, it reminds you of someone because you’re One in a Melon. Or you were reminded of those just melondramatic moments of your life. Kidding aside, these mini watermelon tattoo ideas can be put on different parts of your body and can be customized on whatever size you want.

Instagram | @pallete_tt


Instagram | @bagira_tattoo


Here’s an idea, let’s get over ourselves, inked a cherry and go fall in love with life. These cute berries will snatch your heart.  Aren’t they cuties?

Instagram | @songe_tattoo


Instagram | @heemee-tattoo


Instgram| @heemee_tattoo


What’s the happiest color? Orangeeeee you happy to see it? So, I guess might as well be the fruit itself. You probably want to try something cute yet colorful. This mini orange tattoo will surely be your inspiration for your next design.

Instagram | @inggo_tattoo


Have some green apple on your shoulder! Probably, some would like red but might as well experiment with green. Also, this mini green apple tattoo sets the bar high.  Aesthetic and pleasing to look with its cute yet appealing color.  Another peg for you to try. Try it and have an apple-y ever after!

Instagram | @songe_tattoo


Want some citrus fruit to try? Mini lemon tattoo is here for you. This cute lemon design with its vibrant color will surely be good for you.

Instagram | @tattooist_yun

So, which one is your favorite?

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