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INSTAGRAM RAID: DJOHARDT’s editorial looks from head to toe!

INSTAGRAM RAID: DJOHARDT’s editorial looks from head to toe!

Creativity plays an important role in our lives, in other words, it serves as inspiration for us to create new things. Fashion has its profound roots set in self-expressionism — a means to show the world our identity as well as personality by way of body adornment and clothing. Above all, Djohardt’s commitment to the creative field is extraordinary. His iconic looks from head to toe, will surely inspire you to become the best version of yourself!

Djohardt Pablo Obias, also known as “Djohardt” is an 18 years old — senior high school graduate. Moreover, he is currently studying Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology and a Major in Garments Technology.

A Visionary!

First off, when your eyes immediately scroll through this picture it screams fashion darling — a true visionary in the making.

Above all, this garment contains a hand-painted floral design piece. In addition, It comes with a short-sleeved white polo and black necktie which adds contrast throughout the whole look.

Finally, the thing that drives this look imaginative is the execution is spot on — he knows the vision of it all.

A Jack of all Trades

Then, you can see that he styled and edited the whole look by himself. In addition, the way he utilizes editing in making his layout magazine. A jack of trades indeed not everyone can pull that off, he proves them wrong.

Taking inspiration and making your own

He brings a fast sketch look to his creation. Furthermore, a painted modernized Filipiñiana, taking inspiration from two of the well-known fashion houses. Firstly, a style from Versace’s FW 2021 Collection.

Secondly, a sketch of the Brushstroke looks from Moschino’s SS 2019 collection. Finally, mixing up with the icon and identity of the Filipino fashion industry, the butterfly sleeves.

An Icon!

In addition, he is an icon for being able to pose with conviction through his creations. As well as, inspiring other content creators — he stated “We are an icon” to motivate them.

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Creating Your Style and Identity

According to Djohartd, when asked “Who’s your biggest inspiration when you create something?” he stated, “My biggest inspiration when I create something is the Whole industry of Fashion, I’ve always wanted to be a part of it.”

Moreover, “What can you suggest to the youth to find their style and passion?”

My suggestion to the youth is to explore and have fun, they shouldn’t be afraid to try something new so that they’ll identify the things that work for them. It would be a stepping-stone towards creating their style and identity.

In conclusion, Djohardt wants to show the world his creative vision and inspire people to become one. Similarly, being in the fashion industry is also his dream for the future. As a result, he’s passionate about every aspect — his identity as a Filipino creative reveals through his editorial looks.

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