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OPINION: 5 TikTok Content Creator with Hilarious Contents

OPINION: 5 TikTok Content Creator with Hilarious Contents

Throughout the years, TikTok has continuously dominated the digital media in the Philippines. It has become an incredibly popular social media network, especially among younger Millennials and Generation Z. In fact, around 33 Million Filipinos use the app for various purposes. This includes entertainment, content creation, e-commerce, and a lot more. However, on top of that, most Filipinos use TikTok to relieve their stress and decompress.

Therefore, the majority of Filipinos utilize TikTok to look for hilarious content that will make them LOL. Consequently, many Filipino content creators emerged and sided with this trend. These content creators make funny videos that will make their viewers laugh until they fall on their chairs. 

Here are some Filipino content creators who create hilarious TikTok videos:

1. Euleen Castro

Euleen Castro holds a degree in culinary arts and hospitality management. Aside from this, she carries fame as she becomes a well-known TikTok Content creator in the Philippines. 

She became popular for her amazing meal reviews. People often laugh about how she reacts and reviews a certain food or restaurant. Additionally, most Filipinos also love her upbeat videos where she boldly flaunts her body frame. Consequently, Euleen also uses her platform to promote body positivity in digital media and among Filipinos. 

Currently, Euleen has gained over 1.5 Million followers with 33.1 Million likes on TikTok. 

@euleenc Sabi mo po kasi ubusin ko eh 🥺 @haldejesus #fypシ ♬ original sound – Euleen Castro

2. Fonz

Fonz is popular in making POV-type content on TikTok. His POVs are taken from everyday occurrences, which makes his videos more relevant. Additionally, viewers regarded him as the only TikTok content creator who obviously held his microphone while filming the video. 

Moreover, many Filipinos seem to like his Holdstopper content series on Tiktok. This series revolves around the quirky love story of a holdupper and his victim. And due to the popular demand of the viewers, this series now contains seven (7) parts on TikTok. 

Through his hilarious videos, Fonz has gained 547 thousand followers on the app with a total of 29 million likes.

@ribsp Reply to @blonde_yoohan ♬ original sound – fonz

3. Esnyr

Last August 22, 2022, Esnyr Ranollo received the award, Popular Creator of the Year, at TikTok Awards Philippines. He rose to fame because of his extremely timely skits that depict the everyday life of a Filipino student. 

Additionally, most of his content revolves around bringing back fond memories of the good old school days. This includes the fights in classrooms, the scenario at school events, love stories of students, etc. 

Moreover, Esnyr also starred in a Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano film entitled Love is Color Blind.  

Currently, he has 5.3 million followers with 160.1 million likes on the app.


Class ano pa?

♬ Orange 7 – Anime Quotes

4. Sassa Gurl

Felix Petate, famously referred to as Sassa Gurl, shares tales of her early years and school experiences before. It appeared that fans seem to like her content, making her obtain over 6.6 million followers on TikTok. 

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Additionally, most Filipinos call her Mima, as she consistently finds a way to produce engaging material with sass, and comedy. Some of her contents include the typical Pinoy bardagulan sessions, Pinoy Big Brother skits, school scenarios, and more.

Furthermore, Sassa Gurl also starred in the film The Entitled with Alex Gonzaga. 


Sabi mo gurl eh💅

♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl

5. Davao Conyo

Philip Hernandez, popularly known as Davao Conyo, began his content-creating career on Facebook. He later shifted to TikTok where he got massive fame and support from millions of Filipinos. 

He is renowned for his hilarious real-life skits which most of his viewers can relate to. Additionally, he rose in popularity because of his funny recreations of various Disney, Pinoy, and Hollywood films.

Currently, Davao Coyo obtained over 1.5 million followers with 35.4 million likes.


Chance ko na to

♬ original sound – DavaoConyo

Recent advancements, like TikTok, brought changes in how we will spend our time. And amazingly, some people now use TikTok as free medicine when they’re feeling sad. Through this, TikTok offers us a variety of videos ranging from serious to hilarious content. 

Above all, one thing is for sure. We can never leave TikTok without a good laugh. Consequently, TikTok created ways for us to somehow forget the things we go through because of the pandemic blues.

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