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Things I learned from watching “Lucifer” series on Netflix

Things I learned from watching “Lucifer” series on Netflix

Lucifer is an American series on Netflix that portray most of the characters from the Bible. This is not about the exact adaptation but an inspired script rather. The series has six seasons with ten to twenty-six episodes. Each episode is a 43-minute watch. Quite long, right? Are you a fan of watching science fiction?

Are you ready to watch a different theory from the Bible? Do you want to see the perspective of the other side? Prepare yourself to watch a mind-blowing series that will question your stance, change your belief, and make up your mind. With a touch of new generation circumstances, you will surely enjoy this!

Things I learned from watching “Lucifer” series on Netflix

Main characters representation

Each season, new characters arrived in the Netflix series. And take note, they are most likely connected with each other. Also, they represent people around you too.

Lucifer, the main character, perceived himself as “The Devil” who punishes evil souls.

He doesn’t know how to lie. It must be a good thing, right? But not all the time. He is like the insensitive type of people around you. It’s like those who voice out their thoughts without consideration and respect for the people they are talking to.

Lucifer | Rotten Tomatoes

He is also self-centered and thinks that all things are about him. I’m sure you hate these kinds of people. But hey, some of them just lack empathy and sympathy. They need help to have character development. Just like Lucifer did, he went to see a therapist to help understand the circumstances around him.

Another main character is Chloe Decker, a homicide detective who wanted to find the truth by the book.

She is a good follower and does not want to cheat the steps to catch the killer. I also love how she works hard to show people that she has beauty and a brain and that being a woman is never a disadvantage.

Also, Chloe is a great mother. She represents all the mothers who will do everything in their power to give their children a comfortable life. I love how she always made sure that her daughters, Trixie and Rory, know that she’s always there for them.

Supporting characters who have the best impact

Mazikeen or Maze, I think, is the best supporting character in the series.

The character development she had is wonderful. She is the type of person who self-sabotage and think that she is unworthy of everything. Most people relate to her.

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Mazikeen | Film Daily

There are lots of times that we neglect ourselves and push away those people who show care and love to us. We tend to oversee what we need to the point that we don’t think we deserve anything. Learning to love yourself is a long process. You need people around you who will believe in you and support you along the way. And they are for keeps.

Dr. Linda Martin’s character is the most impactful, I must say.

Linda was the one who helped Lucifer deal with his issues. She is the go-to person of most of the characters in the series. The meaningful advice she gave is really helpful. She can understand you like no one else can.

Dr. Linda Martin | Daily Express

Ella Lopez is the light of all the characters.

Regardless of what’s happening around her, she always chooses to have faith in Him. Even on her darkest days, no one helped her better than Him. It is okay to ask and it is okay to get curious. For as long as you know to your heart that God will provide and everything happens for a reason.

Ella Lopez | Entertainment Weekly


If you haven’t watched Lucifer yet, you miss a lot as a person who loves to watch! Every time a new character appears, the character development never disappoints. Social issues have been discussed, and they played it well. Women empowerment has been emphasized so well. I’m sure you will love how they show that women are capable, strong, and empowered.

So what are you waiting for? If you have some time to kill, might as well watch Lucifer now!

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