These RADWIMPS Songs will leave you in tears

Even before the breakthrough of Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name in 2016, RADWIMPS taking over the music scene already, setting a standard for anime official soundtracks and any Japanese band releases! From tingling sensations of a break-up, sublime existential moods, and giving a film the sonic justice it deserves, the band proves they are indeed the real deal of the great east.

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Perhaps, who doesn’t know RADWIMPS, right? Tagged by many as the sound for 2016 best romance animated film, Kimi no Na Wa, the rock band grounds the element of the movie’s very success. Heading the movie’s reach to international screens and notable achievements after being released, the band shares its public acclaim aided by the vast support of anime fans.

Indeed, their prevalent authentic sound production resonates with a lot of watchers. With a grip on the audience’s unprecedented flow of emotions while watching the film, RADWIMPS and their music laces fans with an avalanche of feels:

These RADWIMPS Songs will leave you in tears


Of course, first and foremost, we can all agree that Sparkle almost transcends to a film score, fight with the wall! This song suits the purpose of not just fitting to be a soundtrack but to compose enough hint of melancholy throughout the film.

Weird to even nitpick it by having so many tonal alterations, but in my personal take, I think that’s how it became so infectious. Also, listening to it the first time makes you want to turn back the clock. It is a clear reflection of how a song as simple as a RADWIMPS one guides you to all these unseen sides of your emotional spectrum. It is startling to consume and as the melody brings you to a climactic resolution, you’ll feel contented.

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To shed light on this track, it is not that heavy, sure. It is a song that you can actually feel the restlessness with it as it goes along, then solace. Phasing piano tunes weaving through synths and snares, I mean that alone makes it feel sonically overwhelming.

Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do?

RADWIMPS did it again, from 2019 Weathering With You, this soundtrack opens a huge veil of crossing and experimenting. The new elements present in this production topped anything that has been released by the band at its time.

Braving the uncertain arcadia of romance and self-discovery. The song’s message side-by-side did its thing: to burst out those tears!

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In its captivating accompaniments, Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do? boasts the genius of RADWIMPS. The song lifts up listeners and somehow talks to one’s soul, well-defining the roughly seven minutes of heart-wrenching explosion of string perfection.

Dream Lantern

Still, enduring those diamonds? The nostalgic take of Dream Lantern’s first few measures will definitely have you in snob. Perhaps, the way everyone mirrored the film is through this soundtrack. Only to be left again as strangers, Mitsuha and Taki’s journey from the anime starts with this song. Everything by this endear and alluring melody.

As the masterpiece resolves into the meteor strike, some reprise of this production and instrumentals can be heard throughout the film. Diving in full circles Taki’s character finally comes to realize of the time his love interest was nuked in celestial flames and dust.

The soundtrack serves as the opener to the record, fulfilling the listeners to be accustomed to the elements there are from the following songs. Compelling to what the sonic direction RADWIMPS aims for the tracklist, nothing beats Dream Lantern and the magnitude it causes to listeners.

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More like a cry for the absurdity of some period-ish dramatic arc fall. The amusing addition of rich sounds to this song elevates the film experience for Suzume, the newest brainchild of Makoto Shinkai and of course RADWIMPS.

From having the acquired taste to a lot of anime releases, this soundtrack is truly one of a kind. Perpetual to the niche that is for the band. Welcoming listeners to the new world building enchantresses and magical doors.

Moreover, the theatrical release for Suzume will be in April of 2023, with local Japanese screenings happening here and there. I mean, what can we expect, it is a Shinkai classic. Without questions asked, the film will live up to its hype!

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Hear me out, put your earbuds on because Nandemonaiya is that OST! Finding a good way to ease those snuffs? Well, this soundtrack is for you. Stunning from the reveal of a denouement, anime audiences are embraced by this song’s intro.

With haunting subtleness as a closure, the record rightfully deserves all the awards it bagged in 2017. Apparently, RADWIMPS released another version for the movie score alone, yet both accumulated streams from platforms due to the track being a favorite to listeners.

This soundtrack can be sadder, fortunately, played by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. The good six minutes of pure ear candy harmonies are so ecstatic and moving both at the same time. You’ll feel that the notes all are climbing into one certain facet of your body.

Weeping? Sure, RADWIMPS expresses synergy with anime OSTs with their masterpieces and records. Reminiscent of their musical band footprint, we can not wait to cry even more as they trail into the future of nothing but flowery paths.

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