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‘Weathering with You’ starts streaming July 31 on Netflix Philippines

‘Weathering with You’ starts streaming July 31 on Netflix Philippines


From the director of the award-winning Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) Weathering with You (Tenki No Ko), the latest film by Makoto Shinkai, starts streaming on Netflix Philippines on July 31. Weathering with You had an even higher opening weekend gross than Your Name. In fact, it was the #1 Anime Movie in Japan last year.

In this Japanese animated love story, high school freshman Hodaka runs away to bustling, ever-raining Tokyo and falls for Hina, a girl who seems able to manipulate the weather.

Hodaka Morishima (Kotaro Daigo) is a high school student who runs away to Tokyo. He takes on work for an occult magazine run by Keisuke Suga (Shun Oguri) and Natsumi (Tsubasa Honda), hunting out stories of the paranormal kind. In one of his investigations, he meets Hina Amano (Nana Mori), who is gifted with being a hare-onna, or “fair weather maiden”—which means she has the ability control the weather. Unfortunately, neither of them realize that this “gift” comes with a tragic price. 

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