Miss Universe reveals first-ever sustainable sash

Miss Universe reveals first-ever sustainable sash

Another change has been made by the Miss Universe Organization ahead of its 2022 pageant. For the first time ever, the winner will not only walk away with a brand-new crown, but she will also wear a brand-new sash!

Through a social media post, the organization announces its partnership with The Sash Company, becoming the pageant’s official sash sponsor. Along with this announcement, Miss Universe also unveils the design of its first-ever sustainable sash.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, the sash is created with organic and sustainable luxury fibers. Coinciding with their cause in promoting the Green Agenda, MUO states that:

“We hope our commitment to sustainability will reduce the overall amount of plastic and waste in the environment. This is one small step of many we hope to make in the future as small actions by corporations and organizations will have the greatest impact on making a greener future for all.”

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It is expected that the candidates themselves will also wear sustainable sashes for the competition.

Prior to this change, SashMe Pageant Sashes had been the pageant’s sash sponsor since 2001. Along with Miss Universe, the Sash company also designs those of Miss America and Miss Earth USA pageants.

What are your thoughts on the new sash? Do you like it? With Miss Universe only days away, these changes are definitely bringing a lot of excitement to the fans.

There’s a lot more in store so keep your eyes peeled because the next coming days might bring even more surprises!

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