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The Types of Movie Watchers

The Types of Movie Watchers

Let’s set the scene. The movie is all set up, the blankets are spread out, and the pillows are distributed evenly. The snacks are already halfway gone but no worries! You’ve already placed an order for a delivery. Your friends have all settled down and finally, the movie is beginning. We actually won’t be talking about it. Instead, let’s discuss the types of movie watchers we have.

The normal one

Just as you have probably imagined, the normal ones start off chill and comfortable in their position. They have their food, steadily eating it as the movie plays. They give the proper reactions when a particular scene comes on. They get frustrated by the characters, laugh at them and then cry when the sad scene comes on. They’re your average movie buddy who’ll offer a comment or two and stretch their limbs when they need to. A 10/10 companion, if we must rate. 

Free movie commentary

The normal ones express something every now and then. Then you have the movie night member who gives the free commentary from beginning to end. They’re explaining the anatomy of the scene, the symbolism of that object in the background, and the subtle build-up to the character arc. Did they direct the movie? Have a hand in writing the script? How do they know so much? 

The movie is on their phone

Television isn’t the only thing with bright light. You turn your head to the side and you see that one person who has their phone up to their face. They’re chatting, watching a video on silent, and taking photos of the movie and all of you. They do put their phone down from time to time. But you do wonder if they are still catching up with the movie.   


If the phone user or anyone else asks what just happened, you have that friend who answers. In detail, mind you. Next thing you know, they’ve been telling the story from the beginning to what part you are currently on. There’s also that one person who taps another and repeats the lines. 

“That one said…” and then they’ll be joining the storyteller. There’s usually a lot of shushing when this happens.

Snacks > movie

One of the things that bind friends together is the food. It always has to be present in any hangout, especially on movie nights. When they are watching, these people are quite attentive but snacks are a priority. They can’t run out. If they’re not commenting about the movie, they’re asking you to pass that pack of chips. They can’t be blamed. Everyone loves food. 

The sleeper

Honestly, we don’t even know when they fell asleep.

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Once you’re all aware that they’re knocked out, you take a few photos and maybe try to pull a little prank. When they finally wake up, all of you will make up an entirely different plot to the movie to fool them. If they’re still a little out of it, maybe they’ll believe it. But then again, they could be a frequent sleeper and you’ve done this prank quite a lot of times. So, they might already know you’re messing with them. 

It would be a plot twist to your movie night if they manage to stay awake until the end.

End credits 

There are different types of people when watching movies. Sometimes, you could get a little bothered with the talking. Other times, maybe you do need the free commentary when the movie is unfortunately not to anyone’s liking. Even though you all differ a little bit in your ways, you still have fun.

So, can you recognize which of these are your friends? Which type of movie watcher are you?

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