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5 Movies That Could Regain Your Faith and Hope in Finding Yourself


5 Movies That Could Regain Your Faith and Hope in Finding Yourself

Any day is the best day just to lay down, relax your mind, watch a movie, and rest your body. But, why would you pick any day if you could do it today, during holy week

If you are having a hard time picking the movies that could regain your faith, hope and spiritual mood, don’t worry because we have prepared a list just for you. 

Make sure to get your comfort food, tissue, and blanket ready as I walk you through the movies that are good for your soul. 

5 Movies for your faith and hope

All Together Now

This is a moving story about a gifted teenager who started to enter the next phase of her life alone. After her mother’s death, she lost all her hope and wanted to be independent.

She then became resilient that she didn’t want anything in her life because life is life. She’ll have to learn to accept support from some of the most unlikely people. 

A Week Away

This movie is not just about faith and Christianity. But, if you are looking for a more lively and uplifting movie, then this one is for you. It’s similar to Disney’s High School Musical but different.

It’s about taking a leap of faith, attending the summer camp, meeting new friends, and finding a place to fit it. 

All my life

In All My Life, Marc Meyers directs, and Todd Rosenberg writes the screenplay, based on the true story of Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter. Solomon is diagnosed with liver cancer, and the couple is rushed to put together their wedding the day after his diagnosis.

During this movie, you will know what love really is and the importance of holding on to hope. 

The Lost Husband

This is more of a journey about a widowed mother trying to find hope, courage, and herself as she continues living her life after the death of her husband.

See Also

If you’re longing to find yourself today, this movie will encourage you to rediscover the beauty of life at any age and at any moment. 

A Champion Heart

This movie is about healing. At first, the protagonist of this story is struggling in her new town. She met an interesting and mixed up on her journey with the wrong circle of friends. But the thing is, she got a debt to pay and must take a job. Certainly, you will find the plot interesting and be amazed at how she deals with the unexpected journey she took that led to healing. 

 In movies, no matter how repetitive the plot is – losing someone, finding self, sickness, there’s always something that could heal us as well. The way they face uncertainty and the satisfaction it brings us is always new. Perhaps that’s what hopes, and faith is. 

It makes us find strength in holding on, hoping that when the day comes, when it’s our time to shine, and when life is ready to give us what we deserve, fulfillment will taste as sweet as new. I believe you will experience this too as you watch any of these movies. 

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