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Television Series that may set your expectations in adulthood

Television Series that may set your expectations in adulthood


Approaching adulthood is both exciting and terrifying. It will not guarantee you certainty. However, these television series made me set my expectations for the variety of possibilities that adulthood can bring.

Fleabag (2016)

Fleabag is a British television series and a Golden Globes winner in the concept and writing of Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It was based on her one-woman performance in 2013. The series has 2 seasons with 6 episodes each with approximately 26 minutes of running time.

Meeting different people.

Expect to meet people as we delve into adulthood. Most of the time they are temporary. Rare are those who will make an impact on our lives. In the series, Fleabag, she encountered a lot of people. There is the bank manager, her best friend, the lesbian businessperson, and the priest. People who have seen the show know how these people have made an impact on her life.

Working on your trauma.

In adulthood, getting help, especially from professionals seems to be a sensitive topic. When you’re an adult, you want nothing else but your healed self. It is also a good sign of self-awareness when we observed ourselves and take action to fix ourselves. Throughout the series, her life seems to orbit around her guinea pig cafe, casual sex, and fights with her family. In the 2nd season, Fleabag’s father has given her a counseling session as a birthday present. On her journey with counseling, it has become clear to the viewers what has occurred before.

insecure (2016)

Modern black women are strong and confident, which is the polar opposite of the two best friends Issa and Molly. The series, created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore, looks at the friendship of two black women from a new perspective. It also explores a range of social and racial concerns that are relevant to the current black experience. The series has 5 seasons with 8 to 10 episodes each and a running time of approximately 30 minutes.

Changing career paths.

Right after college, we have a lot of things in mind. And when most of us are already there, doubts start to crawl in. Adulthood sometimes ruins our ability to dream. In the series, Issa works at a non-profit middle school that aims to benefit students of color. However, Issa decided to quit after realizing her buried passion for rapping with a help of a new friend and a bold experience.

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Finding potential relationships.

The breakup of Issa and Lawrence was not easy for both of them. In the fifth year of their relationship, things got rough for them. Lawrence got no job, Issa is struggling in her work, and they were not intimate with each other anymore. As we approach adulthood, we look for partners who have the capacity to be in our lives long-term. In the series, after the breakup, the two have been dating different people. However, the two still manage to find their way back into each other’s lives.

Maintaining Friendship.

As we grow old, our priorities in life will shift big time. Adulthood responsibilities takeover. Throughout that time, it is important to have friends who would understand that life is not always sunshine and rainbows. In the series, Issa and Molly, together with their other two friends Kelly and Tiffany have known each other since college. The four best friends made sure to always be there whenever there is an important event in their life such as birthdays, Tifanny’s pregnancy, and Issa’s first block event.

Growing up, we’ve heard a lot of stories of both failure and success of adults. Whatever the case for us may be, let us put in our minds that experience will always be a good teacher. As we go past adulthood, we gain knowledge and wisdom that we would someday convey to the young ones.

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