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Swimsuit TikTok shops you shouldn’t miss this summer

Swimsuit TikTok shops you shouldn’t miss this summer

People anticipate that summer will arrive soon as the year nears the month of December. During these days, everyone get excited since a lot of new beaches and resorts are opening up and there are a lot of promos available in hand for the costumers to enjoy their vacations. But, for every entrepreneur out there, there is nothing more to do than to sell a product like swimsuit at a low and very cheap price. May it be in front of their house, their sidewalk or thru the internet. In fact, online sellers now use Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok as a medium to sell their products.

Now, to all my hubadera girls out there who’s finding a hard time looking for the perfect pair of swimwear, here are some shop recommendations that you can visit on TikTok as you prepare your newest beach OOTD’s.

1. Imglam Apparel

Imglam Apparel is a Cavite-based online shop in TikTok that offers different styles of swimsuit, may it be one piece, two piece or a three in one swimwear.

They already had 58.7k followers and 59.1k likes on TikTok, as they conduct their live selling seven days a week. For more information, you can visit their Facebook and Shopee account also named as “Imglam Apparel“.

2. Love, Sarah D.

Love, Sarah D. is a Nueva Ecija-based swimsuit shop that has over 6,000+ followers and 1,700+ followings.

Their shop provides high-quality swimsuits that is perfect for any size starting from XS to 2XL and etc. If you are interested, you can browse their Shopee account linked in their TikTok’s bio.

3. Funfinefinds Swimsuit

Funfinefinds Swimsuit is a Manila-based TikTok shop that gives their costumers a good choice of different underwired swimsuits.

After months of doing a live selling, their shop already reached 32.7k followers and 3,500+ likes on TikTok.

4. Vida Swimwear

Vida Swimwear is also a Manila-based online shop that has 390.0k followers and a voluminous number of 6.9 million likes on TikTok.

This shop can offer you a lot of items, may it be a type of clothing, undergarments and most especially is swimwears. Honestly speaking, if you are that kind of girl who wants to wear a swimsuit but is too conservative for that, then this shop is for you.

5. KiniCoast

KiniCoast is a Cebu-based swimsuit shop that is perfect for girls who love to wear these self-tie type of swimwears.

Their designs comes in different sizes which means that anyone can buy from their shop. To be honest, they now have 697 followers and a thousand likes on their TikTok shop.

PS: Beach Oclock is their 2nd account on TikTok.

With all these colorful, trendy and updated styles of swimsuits you’ve seen, it’s an assurance that you can never go wrong with these shops. As a matter of fact, they also come up with a cash-on-delivery payment method that is basically in favor for their dear costumers.

Preferred shops + high-quality swimsuits + accommodating sellers equal to a good transaction and a perfect OOTD. What are you waiting for? Hoard now and start planning your annual beach or resort trips.

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