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IG RAID: 5 poses Angel Dei swears by for slaying that swimsuit photo

IG RAID: 5 poses Angel Dei swears by for slaying that swimsuit photo

It’s officially Pisces szn (a bit late for this intro but it counts!), and you know what that means – summer!

Okay, it’s still Amihan season but admit it, the summer heat is slowly creeping in. That means, one way or another, you’ll soon catch yourself browsing for beaches and bikinis on the web – that is, if you haven’t started yet. And what accompanies summer getaways best? Insta photos!

I don’t know anyone who’d miss taking photos on trips, much less on summer getaways. And if there’s one content creator whom I’ve seen with lots of swimsuit photos, it’s definitely Angel Dei.

If you’ve been following Angel Dei for a while, you’d know that there’s nothing that she loved more than going to the beach. And that every time she goes, she take a couple of photos – and honestly, she slays!

I know you’re wondering how to slay your swimsuit photos, too. So read on because we’ve rounded up five Angel Dei-approved poses to make your next summer photo snatched!

Stretch that arm

If you want to put balance in your photo, and to appear taller, then this pose might be your next go-to!

I love how flattering it is when Angel Dei casually reaches up with one arm. It’s effortless, stretches the torso and brings the stomach in a bit, and puts balance on the symmetry of the photo.

Just look at how this pose gives the illusion of having ‘enough’ torso even when wearing a high-waisted bikini bottom! Chef’s kiss!

If you’re not a fan of grabbing on to something, you can simply forego that and just bring your arms up as effortlessly as she does.

Strut Forward

Want to add a bit more fierceness to your swimsuit photos? Walk forward!

Just look at how taking a (faux) walk when taking a swimsuit photo makes it flattering. The ‘motion ‘ of this pose gives the photo a bit more life, and I agree, you’d definitely feel like the main character!

Strutting forward emphasizes your body shape, too. Just look at the flattering curves Angel’s got here!

Point those feet

Legs for days? We’ve discovered the secret!

Look at how Angel’s pointing her feet instead of flexing them! Yep, you can do this as well to create an illusion of more elongated legs!

To bring it up a notch, explore your angles while point those feet out. Take it from our summer-lovin’ queen who sat sideward instead of directly facing the camera – her legs appear to go for miles!

Hands on the waistband

You know how you sometimes don’t know how to work with your arm during photoshoots? Angel Dei’s got the perfect solution – incorporate them with your fit!

Yes, we’re talking about pretending you’re pulling up your bikini bottoms ever so subtly. It makes use of your hands (so it’s not awkward) and it pull the viewers attention to the fit, perfect!

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If you’re worried about variation, fret no more because this pose is so versatile you can even do it while kneeling on low waters! Fun!

And the best thing is you can do it with one hand, and it doesn’t have to be directly touching your bikini, too. Oh, the ways you can look effortlessly full of effort.

Arch that back

It’s time to stir your ‘Gram up because we’re cppin’ the list with a bang and an Angel Dei classic!

I remember this pose being all summer photo hype some time back, and I we’re all seeing why – it’s spicyyyyy! I’d say this pose is not for the faint of heart (or back, in my case) but it’s definitely worth trying.

I soooo love the drama that arching one’s back does to a photo, and I’m living for it!

And a bonus, you can try it while lying on you belly, too!

Now, you’re summer-ready! Which ones are you trying for your next swimsuit photo?

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