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Lagunay Resort: A serene spot at the heart of Sierra Madre mountains

Lagunay Resort: A serene spot at the heart of Sierra Madre mountains

You can get away from the Metro’s stress and tension with just a two-hour drive! Hiding at the heart of Sierra Madre, Lagunay Resort resides in a place where the mountains and greenery make every visitor feel calm and tranquil. Aside from the peace it emits, the resort features architecturally and aesthetically pleasing villas. It is definitely the best place to relax with friends, families, and even co-workers. 

Lagunay Resort features architecturally and aesthetically pleasing villas.

The resort has five villas that has different themes and architectural constructions which can house five to twenty people. Village Pipol got the chance to stay at the villa that overlooks the mountains of Sierra Madre. The ground floor of the villa remains an open space for guests and visitors to chat during a relaxing day. Aside from the huge space, the villa also features a television and a microphone perfect for karaoke nights. 

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Aside from the relaxing greenery, Lagunay Resort also has good room service, helpful concierge and spacious villas. Whether you’re a small group or not, the sleeping capacity remains a two thumbs up. 

Each group can fit in as every bed remains a queen-sized one perfect for two or three people to sleep on. They have parking, a place to cook, a refrigerator and even a grill. 

Although you may have to cook your own food, you can definitely ask your own preference to the kind staff who will be willing to cook what you would like to eat. 

Village Pipol’s PR and Advertising Manager Josh Austria at Lagunay Resort

Lagunay Resort is the perfect place to relax and unwind. You better book your stay before it’s too late!For more information, please visit their official Facebook page at!

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