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Slice-of-Life K-Dramas You Should Check Out

Slice-of-Life K-Dramas You Should Check Out

We all have our own favorite genre in a movie or TV series. Some people love mystery-thriller while some likes romantic-comedy better. But there is the slice-of-life genre that shows ordinary life.

The slice-of-life genre focuses on regular people and the genuine drama that develops from day-to-day existence. It shows the real situation of a normal person in their daily life—their struggles, achievements, motivations, and goals.

To find out which series you can more relate to, here are the slice-of-life K-Dramas you should check out!

Reply 1988 (2015)

This series is a package of coming-of-age, drama, romance, and comedy. The story revolves around the life of five childhood friends and their families who live in the same neighborhood. The timeline starts in 1988 which presents a nostalgic look back at what happened during that year. It also slowly revealed everyone’s future and what they have become.

Reply 1988 gives so many emotions that you can relate to as someone who lives in an Asian household. It is a heartbreaking yet very moving depiction of youth, love, family, and friendship. Just listening to its OST Hyehwadong will bring back the emotion you felt watching this.

It also may be an overrated K-Drama but it deserves public attention.

My Liberation Notes (2022)

My Liberation Notes centers on the three siblings that are exhausted by the routine of adult life. Their family lives in the province while the three works in Seoul. It created problems in dating, transportation, and tiredness from spending half of their time traveling. Then they decided to look for the happiness and escape from their routine lives.

Once they became liberated, the three realized that nobody lives without any problems in their life. But you can live learning to conquer it with the people close to you.

Because This Is My First Life (2017)

This drama focuses on a homeless woman and a guy who move in together and became ‘housemates’. It explores the concept of marriage and the issues that today’s youth face. In addition, the show focuses on their friends’ lives and the various approaches they take to dating and marriage.

It also conveys a message that it is okay to commit a mistake as long as you learned from it. Because life has no manual and step-by-step instructions, and to take note that this is our first life.

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Prison Playbook (2017)

This dark comedy-comedy program talks about the lives of convicts behind bars. The lives of prisoners, their families, and the correctional personnel on duty. It shows the daily life of the inmates including isolation and violence.

Prison Playbook focuses on life’s realities and the wisdom that can be discovered in jail.

Hospital Playlist (2020)

Hospital Playlist is a story about the five doctors who have been friends since undergrad and continue to be close until in their 40s. They also share a passion for music while working at the same hospital.

You can learn many life lessons in the drama including realizing that life is not a race and accepting that life comes with death.

These Korean dramas might be your next comfort series. Since there are many harsh realities, the slice-of-life genre could change your perspective that life is not as bad as it may seem. We just need to accept and embrace life because it is for us to enjoy.

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