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I loved the Bratz version of this iconic Euphoria scene; here’s why

I loved the Bratz version of this iconic Euphoria scene; here’s why

Two decades ago, little girls would choose between being a Barbie girl or a Bratz girl. Being a Barbie girl opts for a more girly look. Meanwhile, being a Bratz girl meant going for the variety. Despite the fact that we haven’t seen an animated series for quite a while, the iconic Bratz has kept their buzz online with memes, games, and even a TikTok account.

The brief history of Bratz

Since its birth in 2001, Bratz became iconic for those who didn’t quite fully identify with the feminine or girly side of fashion. Moreover, it also represented girls of color. The original (OG) girls were Choe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha. Cloe was Caucasian. Sasha was of African-American descent. For Asian girls, there was Jade. And, finally, there was Yasmin who was half-Jewish and half-Latina.

I loved the Bratz version of this Euphoria scene; here's why 2
IMDB | Bratz: The Movie

Unlike Barbie who emphasized the many careers a girl can choose from, Bratz focused more on fashion. In fact, the girls were dubbed as the girls with a passion for passion. In 2005, Bratz even had an animated series on Fox’s 4Kids TV. The series birthed spin-offs: Bratz Boyz, Bratz Babyz, and Bratzillaz. Besides animated series, it also got fourteen movies and one live-action directed by Sean McNamara. In 2008, however, MGA Entertainment had to discontinue the production of the dolls due to a court battle with Mattel, Inc. In line with this, its series and films also took a hit.

I loved the Bratz version of this Euphoria scene; here's why 1

But, in September 2018, fashion illustrator Hayden Williams created a new line of dolls called Bratz Collector. The said line was exclusively sold on Amazon. To this day, the Bratz is still making rounds online. Doll collectors actively search for limited edition sets. Twitter folks bring them up around twice or thrice a month.

Bratz animates an iconic Euphoria scene

Just this past month, its TikTok account trended online for animating an iconic Euphoria scene. By the end of the TikTok video, the OG girls Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin are seen watching Euphoria. The four were played by their original voice actresses: Olivia Hack (Cloe), Brittney Irvin (Jade), Tia Mowry (Sasha), and Dionne Quan (Yasmin). As of this writing, the viral video garnered 32.6 million views and 8.9 million likes.

@bratz Already thinking about Euphoria season 3 and Halloween 2023, tbh!! 👄👀 #bratz #euphoria #halloween #cassie #countrymusicstar #sydneysweeney ♬ original sound – bratz

In modern times

As someone who had always been a Bratz girl, seeing the viral TikTok video felt like a brief trip down memory lane. In the video, the OG Bratz (Sasha, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin) also expressed their disdain towards Cassie’s (played by Sydney Sweeney) actions. That, to me, was very important.

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Euphoria is a very complex show prone to misinterpretations. Seeing the Bratz voice their thoughts made them more admirable. The Euphoria cast being morphed into Bratz dolls also seemed to be an ode to the Bratz girls who have grown up. Besides that, I also admire how the Bratz have found a way to sneak into modern times. The girls didn’t just stop at being dolls.

They came alive in a live-action adaptation by McNamara. And now that we’re in the digital era, the Bratz are making their way into social media platforms like TikTok. Needless to say, the Bratz will always find a way to inspire the youth to express themselves through fashion.

Apart from HBO’s Euphoria, the Bratz TikTok account has been animating famous scenes from films and series for a while now. As of writing, their account posted animated scenes from Legally Blonde and Mean Girls. Want to read more articles like this? Click here.

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