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Iconic Peaky Blinders Moments We’ll Never Forget

Iconic Peaky Blinders Moments We’ll Never Forget

Peaky Blinders – a series of angst, drama, and sometimes even comedy, will always remain memorable to all of its viewers. Through its incredible scriptwriting and acting combined, this series showers us with iconic lines and scenes we won’t forget.

Peaky Blinders unforgettable moments.

Peaky Blinders, despite being a series with a plot of heavy themes has this phenomenal humor that will make you laugh out loud. Scenes where you will feel emotionally attached to the characters, and of course, scenes that are just absolutely badass and fantastic. It is a show for all because it has all that you’ll ever need in a TV show. It is brilliant like that.

Here’s a recap of Peaky Blinders moments that you can never get enough of.

“No fucking fighting!”

It’s Tommy’s wedding day and what else should there be aside from perfection, right? So no fookin’ fighting, lads! The Peaky Blinders being a notorious gang has a lot of enemies, some of which are the Irish people. But of course, Tommy had to fall in love with an Irish spy, adding even more spice to his already seasoned life. What makes this scene even more hilarious is how genuinely stressed out Tommy was despite dealing with endless murderous agendas. Gotta remind his men to forget about bad blood for a day and how else would he lecture them aside from a pinch of violence and dominance? Watching Tommy Shelby lose his cool is such a sight to see.

“Already broken.”

Don’t mind Tommy, he’s just in his sad boy era. Imagine living a dangerous life and finding love for once. Well, I guess even I would be in my sad girl mode. A tall, blonde, and gorgeous woman singing to you in a pub, even to a Tommy Shelby is quite irresistible. And at this moment he was slowly getting his heart trapped in Grace’s romantic mischief. So, never mind a sad song if the heart is already broken beyond repair, innit?

“There is God and there are the Peaky Blinders.”

Everybody gangsta till the Peaky Blinders pull up. You can’t mess with the Peakys and you most definitely cannot use God’s name against them. They’re all about reality and badassery. Violence plays a vital role in the entire plot but it is mortal sin to bring children to it. To honor Grace, he established the Grace Shelby Foundation and of course, he has to make sure that the beneficiaries are deserving of their support. But turns out, some Church has a thing for violence against children and Tommy doesn’t fuck around. So when there is God and there are the Peaky Blinders, you gotta pick one.

“You crossed the line, Alfie.”

Since the beginning, Tommy has always been his own boss. No one orders him around because he does all the orders. But not until Alfie Solomons joined the picture. Tommy and Alfie’s dynamic is one of the best things Peaky Blinders has to offer. Two brilliant actors playing well-written characters, and in every scene they are together, one outshines the other. And most of the time, the spotlight is on Alfie. Alfie is the only character Tommy considers his equal. Alfie bodied Tommy in this scene with his unfiltered homily, which happens to be one of Tommy’s rarest moments, too. He may not look it but Alfie is actually a smart man, especially business-wise so what fucking line was he supposed to have crossed eh, Tommy?

“By order of the Peaky Blinders.”

Okay enough of Tommy Shelby, it’s now Arthur’s turn on the spotlight. Arthur is definitely the maddest of all the Shelbys and he’s proven it all throughout the series. He is a vicious, damaged man who plays as the life of the gang with his spirited murderous attitude. Although this line has been said multiple times in the series, the most iconic one is of Arthur’s on the microphone. Come on we all know what I’m talking about. It is everyone’s favorite as it should be. Arthur owned this line, displaying absolute authority while bearing the gang’s name. Any place would be under new management if it’s by order of the Peaky Blinders.

“I’m Old Testament.”

Another Arthur Shelby spotlight. In this scene, we witness two mad lads fighting each other’s demons. Alfie is provoking the ferocious beast that is Arthur who desperately attempts to control his rage. In which he was successful (well, kind of). But what makes this line so iconic is that it is a subtle yet powerful statement. Referencing the bible and its variations, Arthur describes himself as the Old Testament, noting its similarities with him as reflected in his actions. He is damaged yet he is self-aware.

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“Yeah, it is.”

Usually, you respond to “Good morning”s with the same phrase but that’s not how it is for Alfie Solomons. Alfie is hilarious without even trying. I mean, from the moment he showed up on the screen, he’s already displayed that exceptional charisma, mixed with effortless humor. How do you deal with tardiness when doing business? In Alfie’s way, it is simple. Hit that call to prayer for a ridiculous amount of time and when you’re greeted a morning, you say “Yeah, it is,” even if it’s a Shelby.

“You listen for my footsteps.”

Top girl boss moment by the one and only Polly Gray. You don’t just threaten your foes with a knife but you mess with their minds and instill absolute fear within their feeble souls. An absolute authority and a thoroughly executed act definitely would have given chills even to the toughest man on Earth. And the entire line is even more badass, “If I come for you… I will wear high heels so you can hear my approach on the cobblestones and have time to repent.” Sheesh, honestly. Never mess with a Shelby, indeed.

And there’s so much more than this curated list of iconic Peaky Blinders moments.

Every scene in this series is just remarkable, a truly amazing masterpiece, and the only one of its kind. You just can’t get enough of it that you’d wish you could watch it for the first time again as I do.

Peaky Blinders is streaming on Netflix.

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