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Hey netizens, ‘skinny-shaming’ is a thing too

Hey netizens, ‘skinny-shaming’ is a thing too

I have always been one of the “slimmest guys” in the room. In fact, I find it really difficult to feel “sexy” and confident in the past years. There were times I felt envious and dissatisfied about my body because I was taught to focus on what I don’t like about my looks — awful but true. Let’s face it, we live in an era where everyone thinks that our body types define our worth in this world — being lean and slender as the ideal image of beauty. Hence, people think it won’t impair you to describe your slim body shape and make it a starting thread of talks



The Most Annoying Question

I am often asked: “Kumakain ka pa ba? Ang payat payat mo.” This kind of comments made me feel that I will never be good enough. Rude, offensive, and degrading. I am really tired of this cruel mindset. And why do I feel like I am not allowed to find this slamming offensive? Why do I feel like I am not allowed to be positive about my own body? Perhaps, people feel comfortable throwing comments without sensitivity. Society is blind and spoiled. 

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Honestly, I really do not understand why it is okay to make random, flaked out comments on someone who is skinny and tiny, but not someone who is fat and curvy. Sadly, “skinny shaming” is a thing too. In truth, it has become socially acceptable to the point where it is now altered into something habitual. Body shaming against any person, any reason, is not acceptable. This offensive habit needs to stop. We all need to understand that skinny shaming is just as offensive as fat shaming. This is a serious problem. TAKE NOTE.

Change org

I’m really grateful to have learned the value of loving myself. I’ve found the opportunity to accept my own body shape and I really believe that this is the start of my own story. I just wish that people would be able to take the brighter side of the road and throw away their preconceived standards of beauty. This is the perfect time to appreciate and embrace our own bodies. May we all have the courage to spread body positivity for all shapes. Always remember that your confidence has nothing to do with your size. You should know your worth, no matter what size you are.

Cheers to all amazing people! 

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