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Skincare Paradise: Dr. Alvin’s BeautyCon LIVE Skincare Seminar

Skincare Paradise: Dr. Alvin’s BeautyCon LIVE Skincare Seminar

Treat your skin with love and what it deserves by giving them Dr. Alvin’s Rejuvenating Sets and skincare products. Join him as you become #LakasMakaganda and #AstigMakagwapo versions of yourself by radiating your skin’s beauty even more. Dr. Alvin himself shares his fair share of knowledge backed by intensive analysis in showcasing his product on its launch in “Dr. Alvins BeautyCon LIVE” seminar.

#DrAlvinBeautyConLIVE – Make way for more affordable and high-quality skincare and beauty products

On September 16, Dr. Alvin celebrates its product launch event at Luxent Hotel, Quezon City. For over two decades of dominance in the beauty industry in Asia, the company is introducing fresh merchandise for people to try and experience so that they may have beautiful tomorrows. The event itself is no short of vloggers and influencers alongside other attendees. From left to right, you can see various content creators enjoying the goodies prepared for them by the event organizers.

In addition, the event prepared activities for them to partake in. Content Creators are given a chance to produce creative content using short-form videos across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. By utilizing hashtags, they get a chance to enter the competition and win prizes at the end of the event. Of course, they also have a Question and Answer portion for all attendees to enjoy to win prizes.

Their Newest Products

This is just perfect for your skin. Dr. Alvin’s Rejuvenation Set and merchandise are original, FDA-approved, clinically proven, and dermatologically tested products. Their product underwent extraordinary research and modern procedures in the field of cosmetics and drugs, making it as new and as effective as possible.

Moreover, Dr. Alvin shares an infotainment presentation about their skincare and beauty products along with some ways to utilize them fully. Soon after, he added some tips and regimens that we should follow for taking care of our sweet and precious skin.

Dr. Alvin’s Advice

“The secret to making yourself really beautiful is by taking it slow”

Make a commitment to your body by taking care of it. Especially your skin, they are the first line of defense against harmful toxins in your body. We all know that each and every person’s skin differs from one another, as they are also really sensitive.

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Do not rush making yourself beautiful and enjoy the process over time. In the end, excitement builds up from waiting so that you can earn the best and most beautiful result possible.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Alvin’s products, you can check out their online store and Facebook page.

What are you waiting for? Be #GandangAngat and become #GandangDrAlvin by trying out their new products.

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