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Singapore’s Dark Pop Artist Naomi G Drops New Single ‘Delirium’

Singapore’s Dark Pop Artist Naomi G Drops New Single ‘Delirium’

Voice, poetry, progression – these prompted Naomi G, a rising singer-songwriter who hailed from Singapore, to journey the path of Alternative Pop. As she delved into mainstream thought, the young artist was able to reflect upon music, ultimately finding her own. This year, the world feels blessed to hear yet another masterpiece, as Naomi launched a new single titled ‘Delirium.’

Photo from Naomi G on Facebook | Photographed by Jayden Tan, @jaydenation on Instagram

The said release is also made possible by Soul Dot Singapore, which produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered its entirety. According to the music production studio, they were “so stoked” to hear that Naomi is back at it again. “Naomi has been away from the music space for a while; figuring out how to maneuver her own mental health, relationships, and the music industry. We’re so stoked that she’s back making music again! Looking forward to the next ones!”

‘Delirium,’ which has the same name as Naomi’s upcoming album, narrates a story about love and mental health intricacies. It features the personal experience of two lovers navigating the place where dreams and realities do situate. Naomi explored life on this dark alt-R&B, which she wrote as a love letter to her partner struggling with dissociative disorder on a regular basis.

The pop artist’s distinct vocals complemented the bittersweet liking of an electric guitar and its sugary synths. Hence, introducing a soulful and charismatic kind of music that brings listeners a deeper meaning of compassion, love, and understanding. Similar to her other compositions, Naomi’s ‘Delirium’ captured the real-life sufferings caused by severe misogynism.

On a Facebook post, she wrote in a caption: “After 2 years of pathological second-guessing, complete head-down social avoidance, & almost throwing in the towel, the focus track of my upcoming album Delirium’ is finally ready to make an appearance…” This follows her first two releases titled ‘Cage The Animal (2020),’ which according to Naomi reflected “the inner trappings of an erstwhile relationship that sought to ‘tame’ her through coerced intimacy.”

Photo from Naomi G on Facebook | Photographed by Jayden Tan, @jaydenation on Instagram

Whereas, ‘Prey (2021)’ dealt with the “muscular retort” of such experience. All these songs proved that Naomi G is suitable as Singapore’s “new dark pop princess on the horizon.” This young musician strives to reach as many people with whom she shares the same adversities the society placed on gender and mental health concerns. Indeed, an advocate!

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Photo from Naomi G on Facebook | Photographed by Jayden Tan, @jaydenation on Instagram

Naomi G’s latest single ‘Delirium’ is just among the eight (8) compositions belonging to her highly anticipated album in 2023. The melancholic stories it will soon bring forward take a lot of courage and bravery from an individual. Thus, we are lucky enough to listen to the young artist as she speaks more of her experiences and battles.

Haven’t you heard of it yet? ‘Delirium’ by Naomi G is now available on digital platforms including that of Apple Music and Spotify. Meanwhile, its official music video drops this Friday, November 25.

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