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SB19 songs that touched the heart of a Gen Z like me

SB19 songs that touched the heart of a Gen Z like me

SB19 is a five-member P-Pop boy group that was formed in 2018 under the management of ShowBT Philippines. The name SB19 stands for “Show Break” 19. The group consists of members Sejun (now Pablo), Stell, Ken, Josh, and Justin. Their songs had made a significant impact not only in the Philippines but also in the international arena.

Now, they are considered to be the ‘P-Pop Kings’ in the country, have you ever wondered why? It is because of their talent and determination that inspired their ever-dedicated fandom A’TIN to continuously support the group.

SB19 songs that touched the heart of a Gen Z like me


Aside from its upbeat melody and catchy chorus that is easy to sing and dance along, Go Up is a song that encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and not give up despite obstacles. This message of perseverance and determination resonates with many young people who are navigating the challenges of growing up in a rapidly changing world. Here’s it chorus:

Yeah, we gonna go up

Ibibigay ko ang aking puso

Sa pag-abot ng pangarap, ‘di hihinto

Handa ‘kong harapin ang lahat, yeah

Kahit pa imposible

Yeah, we gonna go up

Also, Go Up’s overall vibe is optimistic and uplifting, which is something that many Gen Z listeners are drawn to. 


Who didn’t like to listen to an upbeat love song? Alab about falling in love and taking risks in a relationship, which is a theme that Gen Zs can relate to. The lyrics express the excitement and uncertainty of new love and the desire to make a move and take a chance on your special someone. Here’s a stanza from the song:

Dami na’ng nanliligaw sa ‘yo (’cause you’re so fine)

Ako pa ba kaya’y mapapansin mo?

I must take you home but I still just keep on singing this song

Listen to me, baby, you’re mine (sure, you’re mine)

Additionally, Alab radiates youthful energy because it incorporates different musical genres, including pop and EDM, which is a trend that is popular among many Gen Z listeners who enjoy a combination of different sounds and styles.


This song may be simple and not as lively and youthful like GO UP and ALAB. It attracted Gen Z’s attention as it formed an emotional and personal connection to one’s heart because its lyrics express gratitude and love for parents, specifically for the sacrifices they have made to provide for their children. This message resonates with many young people who are growing up and starting to appreciate the hard work and dedication of their parents.

Mama, kumusta na?

‘Di na tayo laging nagkikita

Miss na kita, sobra

Lagi na lang kami ang nauuna

See Also

‘Di ba pwedeng ikaw muna

Akin na’ng pangamba

It has emotional lyrics and acoustic sound making it feel more personal and intimate, which is something that many Gen Z listeners appreciate in their favorite songs.


Last, is the song WHAT?, this song is a popular choice for parties and social gatherings because of its catchy melody and is easy to sing and dance along to. Also, its music video features SB19 members performing complex choreography and showcasing their vocal and dance skills, also, the song’s lyrics are about self-love, self-acceptance, and standing up for oneself which is something that appeals with many young people who are growing up in a world where social media can create unrealistic expectations and lead to self-doubt.

‘Wag niyong sabihin sa’kin

Kung ano’ng aking dapat gawin

‘Di naman kayo natutong makinig (oh woah)

Sa’n man dalhin ng hangin ang aking yagit suot pa rin

‘Di magpapanggap na ako pero hindi (oh woah)

Compared to the other songs of SB19, WHAT? has more ‘angas’ factor that makes it shine among the group’s other songs.

These are just some of the songs of SB19, but as you can see they deliver a magnificent message through their music and they made sure that their songs tells a story from their personal experience that made their audience appreciate and connect to them.

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