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RuPaul’s Drag Race, All-Winners Season — My Thoughts on This Stellar Cast

RuPaul’s Drag Race, All-Winners Season — My Thoughts on This Stellar Cast

After years of pleading, the drag gods have finally answered our prayers! RuPaul’s Drag Race’s official accounts just announced the cast of their All-Winners Season, but as they call it, RuPaul’s Drag Race – All Stars 7.

Honestly, this is kind of weird since they didn’t really name it “RuPaul’s Drag Race – All-Winners” or as fans call it, “RuPaul’s Drag Race – Superstars”. It’s just weird to refer to it as an All-Stars season because this is the first time we’ll be getting some—yes, some—winners together.

(from left to right) Yvie Oddly, Jinkx Monsoon, Shea Couleé, Raja Gemini, Trinity the Tuck, Jaida Essence Hall, Monet X Change, The Vivienne

Anyhow, it’s just a name… we’re here for the amazing, jaw-dropping, groundbreaking array of contestants joining us this season. They are literal winners of their regular and All-Stars seasons.

When I tell you I gagged when I saw the meet the queens video, I figuratively, almost literally, GAGGED. In all honesty, once again, I don’t know who to root for in this lineup because almost all of them are my favorites, and the ones who aren’t, I respect and admire so much for their incredible talents. Wow, just wow.

Well, without further ado, since I am fanboying over here, here are my personal thoughts and reactions to the cast and how I think they will do in the season.

Shea Couleé — All Stars 5 Winner

Shea is definitely one of my absolute favorites in this roster of legends and icons. I mean, she has served us several of the best looks on All-Stars 5 and there is no denying that she dominated the entirety of Season 9.

I do believe that she’ll do well, if not devour, this season. Shea does not only SERVE us on the runway but she also tells a story. My favorite look of hers is the bubblegum pink fantasy Balenciaga-inspired dress designed by Viktor Luna and Beau Toombs. Another, of course, is her take on the Birth of Aphrodite but make it “black.” What an icon.

The bitch is also funny with her iconic All-Stars 5 Snatch Game—Flavor Flav, Grandrea in 9021-Hoe, her Michelle Visage Roast in Season 9, and her standup comedy in All-Stars 5. Shea is definitely not labeled as a comedy queen but she has definitely made us laugh several times in the comedy challenges.

And lastly, as an entertainer, don’t get me started with her iconic Blac Chyna performance, and her Category Is and Clapback verses.

I’m just sure Shea will not disappoint. I can’t wait to see her.

Jaida Essence Hall — Season 12 Winner

Oh my god, if you know me, you should be aware that I love this queen. The Essence of Beauty will always have a place in my heart. I have rooted for her so hard during her season and I shouted at the top of my lungs when she was crowned.

Jaida is so polished I wanna cry. She embodies professionalism and class. Her runways are to die for, even those she has made in the Werk Room. My favorite runway looks of hers will probably be the Stars and Stripes, where she rocked that superhero fantasy, and her purple dress.

In terms of being an entertainer, she performs the house down boots. Prince’s song, 1999, actually became my favorite song when she lip-synced it with Heidi. Pair that with the gorgeous dress she wore for that challenge where she was in the bottom.

All I know is that Jaida will bring elegance to this competition and she will wow us with her elevated drag. Her mere presence excites me.

Trinity the Tuck — All Stars 4 Winner

The Tuck is here! All I think about when I see Trinity is professionalism and elegance, just like Jaida. I genuinely see Trinity as a really tough contender to the crown because of her amazing versatility and immense talent.

What I love most about her is her intense competitiveness but not to the point that it comes off as catty or petty, The All-Stars 4 Winner has sportsmanlike conduct and she doesn’t stray away from her morals as seen in her attitude in the competition.

Just imagine how a polished queen like her has these very wonderful qualities. She can do it all—gag us on the runway, be extremely funny, and also perform incredibly well. Trinity is absolutely one you should watch out for.

Monet X Change — All Stars 4 Winner

Monet, hands down, is one of my top 5 queens in the entirety of the franchise. I am a big fan of her duo with Bob the Drag Queen, who has yet to join us in another All-Winners season.

People will probably underestimate this queen because of her “inability to bring amazing runways” but let me watch her prove you wrong.

RuPaul’s Drag Race doesn’t only revolve around runways and looks, and if it does, Monet isn’t as unfashionable as you think she is. I’ve always listened to her fashion critiques in Sibling Rivalry and in the Pit Stop and she usually makes a lot of sense.

Also, the All Stars 4 Winner isn’t without gag-worthy looks. One that I can’t seem to forget is her Angelic White moment. She gave us an iconic runway with her take on Rihanna’s legendary Met Gala look.

And in other aspects of Drag Race, Monet will undeniably smash acting and comedy challenges, as proven by her performances.

The queen has done so much after winning her All Stars season so I wouldn’t count her out. She is talented, charismatic, and has an amazing personality. What more could you ask for a drag queen?

The Vivienne — UK Season 1 Winner

This queen has shown a lot in the first-ever UK franchise of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has three wins under her belt, one of which is her iconic Snatch Game of Donald Trump. Michelle Visage has called that one of the best snatches of all time fans couldn’t agree more. She has captured the stupidity of the former president and she made it funny. It is definitely one for the books.

Aside from being funny, she also has great acting chops and singing voice. The first-ever UK winner can sing, be funny, act, and has a great personality. We are enthralled to see her in this amazing lineup.

Yvie Oddly — Season 11 Winner

In her season, Yvie has proven that she is a one-of-a-kind queen. Her looks are always very kooky and weird, but also very elevated and high-fashion. She rocked her season, although only had one win, she has consistently stayed in the top and was only in the bottom once.

This Season 11 winner can also lip-sync the house down boots. Every single one of her lip syncs have always been the best, whether it be the one time she was in the bottom, her lip sync for the crown moments, or the one where she graced All-Stars 5 as a lip sync assassin. She has slayed all of them.

Yvie is one fierce drag queen and nobody can deny that she has a potential to snatch that crown for herself once again.

Jinkx Monsoon — Season 5 Winner

It’s monsoon season, baby!… again. Oh gosh, you have no idea how ecstatic I am to see her in this cast and it seems like the other fans as well. In the social media posts that I have seen, she is one of the fan favorites and best bets for the crown. Jinkx have always had that charisma, something that you would root for. This OG is a darling of the crowd and she has the talent and skills to back it up.

The Seattle’s youngest MILF is a season singer, actress, and well… drag queen. She has produced many amazing tunes with her noteworthy voice. The Season 5 winner has also lent her voice in Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe—that’s how versatile she is.

Just like Monet, though, she has always been looked down upon because of her fashion. Although she may not be your fashion icon, she has definitely turned out one of the most legendary looks on the show which is the Dia de Muertos runway.

Speaking of iconic moments, her Snatch Game of Little Edie is also one for the books. Although many people didn’t know who the celebrity was, she made it work with her stellar performance because of how funny she is. To this day, after almost 9 years, her impersonation of the socialite is still being referenced as one of the best.

Jinkx is a powerhouse and if you have watched her season, if you have any ounce of doubt for her, you sure will be proven wrong because she will give it to you. The drag queen can claw her way to the crown with her often overlooked talent and lovable personality. Jinkx is definitely one of my bets to get that crown and I feel like she will.

Raja Gemini — Season 3 Winner

Last but not the least, another legend, we have one of the Heathers, Ms. Raja Gemini—the OG fashion icon of the entire franchise.

If you have only watched the latter seasons, you’re definitely missing a lot because Raja is the one to beat. Her season is definitely the most fashionable of the bunch and not many people know that. Season 3 has two ball challenges and her, Manila, Yara, and Alexis slayed that.

Raja, without a doubt, has proven that she has taste and style. As the OG fashion icon, many people are rooting for her and are excited to see the looks she will bring on the runway 11 years after her season.

Me, personally, I have such high expectations because I have always watched her on Fashion Photo Ruview. I have also always wondered how she can bring her critiques on the show, knowing how polished she is when it comes to the runway. Just with her promo look though, it looks like we’re in for a treat.

Also, I’m very curious how she will do in a season of Drag Race since, as she said in the Meet the Queens video, it has already evolved so much since her time on the show. I’m definitely shaking with excitement to see her on it once again.

Final thoughts

Well then, there you have it, the 8 contestants of the first All-Winners season. I don’t know about you but I’m dying to see this. I have been asking for this, along with the other fans, for quite some time.

And yes, I am aware that some people are disappointed to not see other heavy-hitters like Aquaria, Bob, Violet, and so on, but this cast alone is breathtaking, I’m pretty sure we’ll have another season of this kind with them in it. This is somewhat very experimental since it is the first time we’re having something like this—with rumored new rules (no elimination and only point-system). I think if the other winners see how successful and fair this is, they will definitely agree to be on the second one.

Anyhow, we still got this one, and I am content with this amazing roster of queens. I’m very excited for May 20! Oh, god.

You, who are you rooting for in this cast? Which winner would you like to see on he next one? Sound off in the comments below!

Watch the Meet the Queens, here:

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