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Reliving the P-Pop Spirit: The 2022 PPOPCON in summary

Reliving the P-Pop Spirit: The 2022 PPOPCON in summary

Indeed, P-Pop is on its rise as the 2022 Pinoy Pop Convention (PPOPCON) concludes!

The ultimate fan gathering and celebration of Filipino pop music and culture happened last April 9-10. This 2-day hybrid festivity was partaken by thousands of fans physically and online. 

A first of its kind, the 2022 PPOPCON is an event showcasing the talents of promising and established P-Pop acts. The monumental occasion also orchestrated the coming together of many fanbases in honor of Filipino music.

Few days might have passed, but the glee in this history sculpted remains. Hence, let us relive the bliss that the 2022 PPOPCON is!

PPOPCON DAY 1: The Convention

The hallmark of the 2022 PPOPCON officially kicked off on April 9, 2022. A convention was held at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City as the spearheading event.

Engaging the participants were the various fun-filled activities such as merchandise selling, raffles, and games with prizes. The booths prepared by different fanbases were also among the main attractions. 

Browse below the exhibitions!

Meanwhile, a roster of the hottest and newest P-Pop acts gracing the convention was the DAY 1 highlight. DIONE, Calista, R Rules, DAYDREAM, P-Pop Gen, G22, KAIA, and VXON undeniably fired the audience up with their stage presence.

To add, several artists from this lineup left a mark by providing top-tier production and exclusive performances of their debut tracks.

As a last-minute delight, 1stOne, Press Hit Play, BINI, BGYO, G22, ALAMAT, 4th Impact, VXON, and MNL48 made a surprise appearance. Each group visited their booths, leading to an instant photo opportunity and fan interaction. 

Finally, the DAY 1 convention wraps up with a random P-Pop play dance. Then, it continued on DAY 2 at half-day but less the lineup.

PPOPCON DAY 2: The Concert

When fans share one love for P-Pop, there is unity in diversity. And that exactly is the cream of the crop the 2022 PPOPCON gave through its much-awaited concert!

Last April 10, a handful of the biggest P-Pop acts gathered at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, completing the PPOPCON experience that is one-of-a-kind.


The concert began with KAIA setting the expectations high for the rest of the night. Opening the act, they executed two hot tracks titled KAYA and their brand-new single BLAH BLAH.

Despite debuting only recently, there is no doubt they pulled off better than we imagined.


Coming after, these girls came in geared up, so ready to aim and shoot! 

Rendering us their debut song, BANG, they got the audience saluting at their high-caliber talents. If anything, the word explosive will best describe it.


Certainly giving justice to vocal and dance dynamics, VXON is not called the monster rookies for no reason.

The quintet shares their monstrous moves through The Beast. On the other hand, they brought butterflies to our stomachs by serenading us with P.S.

4th Impact

What an impactful night the PPOPCON is with the presence of 4th Impact

Overall, they performed four songs with two of their originals, a Greatest Showman medley, and a remarkable cover of BANG BANG.

Press Hit Play (PHP)

Giving us an entire rollercoaster experience, this group did more than just set the tune and feel the vibe. Instead, they live up to being a P-Pop powerhouse.

Through four tracks of different genres, PHP just proclaimed its range.


Blooms, where are all of you?

Forgetting how BINI charmed the concert night will surely be a challenge. This 8-member ensemble shimmered with three clap-worthy productions, the catchy Da Coconut Nut being one of those.

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Since we’re on the subject of production, let us talk about how 1st.One set foot well-prepared! Not only did they come grand with You Are The One, but they maintained this hype energy by concluding with the song SHOUT OUT.


Did someone speak of legends? Well, ALAMAT was indeed legendary during DAY 2 of PPOPCON

Among their four concert pieces, one memorable was their exclusive performance of Sa Panaginip Na Lang, their unreleased brand-new music!


You know BGYO as the ‘baddest’ of them all. But honestly, it is a fact that they are at best when it comes to craft. 

Coming like a storm, BGYO’s new take on their tracks, such as the debut single, The Light, was a moment savored.


No way must we miss out on how MNL48 gave us a show! 

The pioneer P-Pop girl group exuded the liveliness we have witnessed. From Palusot Ko’y Maybe to High Tension to No Way Man, they got all their supporters grooving.


And the finale of the PPOPCON night, the kings that are the members of SB19

Being the crowd’s favorite, the bannermen of Pinoy pride satiated with four newly-flavored performances. They not only raised the standards but the flag of P-Pop up high. For that, they deserve our respect and a standing ovation.

The P-Pop spirit is very much alive!

Ending the 2022 PPOPCON, artists came together to bow in front of thousands of present fans― celebrating the refined essence of Pinoy Pop music with this milestone, a fruitful history ever made.

Gone are the days that we stayed too far from the limelight. It is time for the Filipino talent to shine as it did never before. And through the Pinoy Pop Convention, we took a step forward as the subject of global adoration.

The 2022 PPOPCON has concluded. But this was only the beginning, not the end.

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