Reasons why ‘Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast’ have kwenta after all

As a person who always listens to podcasts, I sometimes struggle to find something that is interesting. However, I discovered — Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast. I remember mentioning the podcast in my first article here in Village Pipol.

I have heard of the podcast since 2020 and tried listening to one of its episodes, however, It was not an instant click. Nevertheless, in the first half of 2021, I got myself to listen to every recent episode.

The podcast is hosted by two Filipino filmmakers; Direk Tonet, Also known as, Antoinette Jadaone (38), is known for her notable films such as That Thing Called Tadhana (2000), Alone/Together (2019), and Fan Girl (2020). On the other hand, Direk JP Habac (35), is known for his film I’m Drunk, I Love You (2018) and TV Mini-Series, Bola Bola (2022).

Here’s a list of reasons why the Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast has Kwenta after all:

#1 Features Relatable Stories

The podcast hosts read a letter from a random letter sender. The embedded episode is one of my favorites. It’s about someone who is experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Despite graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, the sender still seems to not know their passion. And, boy, I have never related so much to a person.

I always feel that I still have not found my passion as well. And just like the letter sender, I have plans on going to law school because my relatives want to. Even though I like the idea of practicing law for the marginalized, I don’t like the idea of someone making me go to law school for reasons I do not support.

#2 Sets My Career Expectations

If you see yourself working behind the cameras this podcast is quintessential. As I’ve mentioned the hosts of the AWKP are both directors. They have a series of episodes regarding their Shooting and Taping Memories.

Working behind the camera was once my dream simply because I love watching films. That is why I find myself relating to some of their experiences because of my former organization. However, the podcast has become an eye-opener of the situation of many film workers behind the camera.

It was not easy but if your passion is to produce films, write meaningful scripts, and capture the essence of the event then take the risk to suffer and enjoy what you love doing.

#3 Free Lessons on Adulting 101

Even, discussions about adulting were given a series. They invited artists who have experienced the struggles of being an adult in the Philippines. Some of the guests they invited were Pat Lasaten and Agnes Roma (Ben&Ben); Janine Gutierrez, Kerwin, King, and many more.

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The series of talks about adulting was really interesting. It had me thinking of all the things I will face when the time comes. As someone who is in their last year of college, I have somehow set my expectations low. I know after this, it will just be the beginning of everything hence I am thrilled to face those challenges.

#4 Have Normalized Talking About Sex

Another topic that the podcast has discourse about is sex. With these kinds of letters, they would call, Santa Ange, or Angelica Panganiban. She was a guest at two of their episode where she talks about her sexual experiences. It was a fan favorite. It goes to show that Filipinos can be open about talking about it, especially in safe spaces.

For many Filipinos, topics about sex are not openly talked about. But listening to this podcast has made the topic a normal conversation. Mentioning the different private parts of the body in our language has always been not pleasant for many hence we say it in English. But the podcast made me realize that these words are beautiful and we should not be ashamed of telling them.

#5 They Use their Platform Wisely

Aside from what I have mentioned above, promoting to vote wisely to its listeners is probably why I continued to watch them. They never fail to remind us to be critical of whom will they elect. And I think most people who might influence many should do the same—to think critically of what our government does.

I always like listening to two or more people just talking about things that make them laugh. I also like to think that I am part of their conversation which the two hosts made me feel. Since then listening to the podcast has been a comfort.

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