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INSTAGRAM RAID: SVT Hoshi’s tiger gaze and his love for tigers

INSTAGRAM RAID: SVT Hoshi’s tiger gaze and his love for tigers

SEVENTEEN Hoshi always refers to himself as a “Tiger” even though their fans always tease him, he is a hamster. Hoshi’s name is short for “Horangi-ui Siseon” which means “Tiger’s gaze”.

Hoshi’s Instagram feed will hint at how much he loves the tiger and how it is true that he has a “tiger’s gaze” when performing on stage. Aside from that, he loves taking mirror selfies, and we are not complaining!

INSTAGRAM RAID: SVT Hoshi’s tiger gaze and his love for tigers

His tiger gaze when on stage

Hoshi is one of the leaders in SEVENTEEN. The group has sub-groups: the vocal unit, the hip-hop unit, and the performance unit. SCoups is the hip-hop unit and overall leader of the group. Woozi is the vocal unit’s leader. And that leaves Hoshi as the performance unit’s leader.

He is one of the best dancers in the group. He is even considered one of the best male dancers in the K-POP industry. His members also agree that Hoshi becomes a new personality when he is performing. Perhaps, his inner tiger is released once on stage!

His tigers gaze is also evident in his photoshoots

His inner tiger is not just evident when on stage, it is also noticeable when he is on camera!

In this photoshoot for a Korean magazine, it is crystal clear how he has those tiger’s gaze he always talks about.

Hoshi’s love for tigers is undying

Hoshi is obsessed with tigers. If you are a carat (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name), this is not news for you. But if not, you will be surprised how much stuff with tiger prints he has. He also has tiger stuffed toys!

He will never get tired of tiger stuff especially when he wrote the song “Tiger Power” which talks about his love for tigers and a powerful opposition against carats who are teasing him as a hamster.

Hoshi’s mirror selfies and more tigers!

Almost half of Hoshi’s Instagram posts are mirror selfies.

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In the street

This mirror selfie is so random yet so cool. I would bet that Hoshi found this cool mirror on the street and decided to take a selfie.

In a gym

Another fact about Hoshi is he loves going to the gym and working out. This Instagram mirror selfie post proves it.

In a bathroom

If you notice in this mirror selfie, Hoshi has a phone case with tiger words printed on it. I tell you his love for tigers has no limit and so are his mirror selfies.

Hoshi and the whole SEVENTEEN are coming to Manila this October for SEVENTEEN’S Be The Sun concert. You can also follow his Instagram account, @ho5hi_kwon for more mirror selfies, cool photos from their concert, and more tiger stuff.

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