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The Leni Robredo Podcast aims to reach a younger audience

The Leni Robredo Podcast aims to reach a younger audience

Leni Robredo podcast for younger audience

Leni Robredo podcast for younger audience

Vice President Leni Robredo has launched a podcast to be able to extend her reach to a younger audience. This is amid calls by some groups for her to seek the presidency in next year’s elections.

On Monday, in the first episode of VP Leni’s podcast, she said,

“For so long, so many people have been asking me to do a podcast of my own lalo dito sa office. A lot of our staff are very young people and sinasabi nila, ‘Para naman makausap mo iyong mga age group namin’.”

The Vice President said that her podcast titled The Leni Robredo Podcast would complement her weekly radio program. She mainly talks about the livelihood programs of the Office of the Vice President. Also, current projects to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

“Kasi siyempre, limited din iyong reach ng aking radio program. So hopefully, hopefully with this podcast, I will be able to reach the generation of my daughters.”

During the podcast, the Vice President and guest Bianca Gonzalez found similarities in their lives. This is because they were both thrust into careers they have not dreamed of.

“So I think, gusto ko lang iyon i-emphasize for our listeners, especially the younger people who are listening to us na it’s okay, eh. It’s okay not to follow the playbook. It’s okay to chart your own course. Kasi ano naman, eh, ‘di ba. Parang you don’t have to parang allow yourself to be pressured into doing things that you’re not comfortable with. Or you’re not sure na doon ka talaga papunta.”

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While she is one of the possible candidates of the opposition coalition group 1Sambayan, the vice president did not talk about serious political issues in her first podcast. She admitted though that her faith had greatly influenced her political decisions.

“Mahirap siyang sabihin, Bianca, sa politika pero a large part of all my decisions have been anchored on faith. Parang iyong my faith in the Lord na hindi, alam mo iyon, parang He will make things happen if it’s what He wants to happen. So iyong sa akin, parang mas ganoon and it’s pretty much parang has been my guide in all my decision-making.”

(Leni Robredo for 2022 presidential elections!)

Robredo maintained she is open to run for the presidency. However, it is still too early to decide as she and her office had been preoccupied with COVID-19 response programs. These are vaccination projects in partnership with local government units and the private sector.

“Sa akin, iyong public service has always been what I was doing before. Parang I don’t like politics pero even when I was still a lawyer in Bicol. Parang I was forever immersed in communities. So iyon talaga iyong trabaho ko. Parang iyong pagpupunta sa mga farmers, sa fisherfolk, battered women, so it’s what I have been doing.”

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