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Myths Debunked: Your Menstrual Period is a Superpower!

Myths Debunked: Your Menstrual Period is a Superpower!

Menstrual talks, including other sexual topics, have been taboo in our country. This has resulted in young girls, even women misinformed. Sometimes it even leads to poor hygiene which may develop into grave health concerns later on.

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These are the reasons why starting conversations regarding this is a must. Doing so will help a lot of young girls, it will debunk myths about it. Also, it will surely educate a lot of people.

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Thanks to Lily of the Valley, a proud Filipino Lingerie Brand, as they have recently conducted an Online Panel Discussion on Menstrual Health. Entitled as Your Period is a Superpower and with a theme of body literacy, their aim is to normalize & positive conversations on taboo topics such as periods and sex. Apart from this, they also introduced Harmony Lilies Period Care Kit. They have presented it with other period essentials. Apart from alcohol and face masks, these are daily must-haves for women.

Myths about Periods?

In yesteryears, menstruation was considered a disability that hampered a woman’s performance on the job and in the bedroom. Alas, there are a few who still think that such inevitable circumstances make women lesser viable for high-powered positions. Many still think that women are hormonal. They become emotionally clouded when having a period. Some misogynists even argue that it’s irrefutable proof of female inferiority.

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How about in terms of proper hygiene? Period blood is NOT dirty blood! Also, if you think that the entire menstrual cycle is just the bloody days, you’re absolutely mistaken. It goes beyond your period days. Some women are also afraid of using care kits to help them.

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There’s an old age notion that says using tampons or menstrual cups will stretch your vagina. Let me tell you, it’s a HOAX, tampons will not devirginize you. So many beliefs, so many misconceptions. It’s a must to be informed, to guide and help you.

What have we learned?

According to the talk, the period is a blessing! Women who suffer from severe menstrual distress are seen as suffering from a physiological disorder. This hormonal imbalance affects a number of Filipinas. Both, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and dysmenorrhea, can be easily managed with proper education.

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Most women experience physical and emotional changes. Others even severe cramps, nausea, and diarrhea in the first days of a period. Learning about our hormones helps us manage them better. Reproductive education is not just about making babies. It’s also about managing menstrual cycles. Understanding what’s happening in our body is powerful, it empowers us.

What should you do?

Knowing that you have a continuous cycle, choose wisely about how to spend your energy daily. You can’t always plan around your cycle,  but you can plan with your cycle in mind. If you know that you are in the Luteal phase and you may not have much energy. Switch from high-energy workouts to more relaxed recovery workouts. This will help you regulate dysmenorrhea or even PMS.

Also, it’s a must to use sanitary pads or tampons. Wash your hands with soap after the toilet and before eating. Wearing well-designed lingeries can help too, such as the moderate absorbency panties Lily of the Valley. This can help you avoid any form of infection.

What have we discovered?

For the great majority of women, the menstrual cycle is an ongoing but an insignificant part of their life. Most have learned have to deal with it, but others are still distressed. For others, they are dealing with so much worse, such as Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It’s something that can be managed, but it won’t just magically disappear one day. We can’t look for ways to make it disappear. But we can look for ways to manage it and still live our life to the full.

Much remains to be learned and to be discussed. But learning how to deal with it gives us a weapon. Always remember that the taboo of menstruation causes real harm. There are health issues, like infections, which result from not taking care of ourselves.

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While we may be embarrassed of discussing it, we have to be aware of facts. With that, we can improve our overall well-being. A well-balanced lifestyle will surely minimize its negative impacts on our lives. Remember that Knowledge is power and educated women are much healthier.  To learn more about Lily of the Valley and their future talks, visit their website, their IG, and FB accounts.




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