My all-time underrated OPM albums

For many, music is therapeutic. It can be a buddy for traveling, wandering around, and even just walking on a daily basis. I find myself finding solace in listening to music. Original Pinoy Music or simply OPM found a special place in every person’s heart. Sometimes, you can even find a non-Filipino enjoying it. But, the thing is, there are a lot of underrated songs in the Philippines. Although a lot of people love these songs and albums, I feel like more people should be enjoying them. Sometimes, I also feel like streaming these songs after an exhausting day has become a perfect medicine. As a hopeless romantic, OPM songs really have a special place in my heart. Plus, these help me ease from being in my senti mode, giving me some kind of healing and comfort that I truly needed.

My all-time underrated OPM albums

Kulayan Natin | Munimuni

Released last 2019, Munimuni’s Kulayan Natin has become one of my latest top faves and my kind of lullaby at night. These are for the people who enjoy indie folk or even makata pop which refers to the rediscovery of the beauty of Filipino poetry. The songs are soothing and the lyrics sound as if it’s conversing. These will make you feel like you want to repeat every song over and over again.

I feel that this album is so underrated, especially with the emotional baggage that it actually carries. The song Bawat Piyesa and Solomon are my two favorites from this album. It has a lot of the feels, especially when you understand the lyrics. Aside Sa’yo from their 2017 album Simula has become another favorite song of mine.

Dapithapon | Johnoy Danao

Released in 2010, Johnoy Danao’s pilot album Dapithapon really win the hearts of many. If you are so much into the alternative or indie genres, you’ll really love this album. His signature sound-smooth and soothing voice makes it so underrated for me. I also find a mellow vibe through this album that makes it so perfect for me to stream while wandering around.

Habilin | Tothapi

As one of the rising Bicolano bands, Tothapi is indeed winning the hearts of everyone today. Habilin was released last 2021 and is the first single album of the group. Just like the previous singer-songwriters mentioned, Tothapi is also more on alternative and indie music which is really a popular music genre in the music industry.

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Pasalihi | Arthur Miguel

With over 1.6 million listeners on Spotify, Arthur Miguel has been proving himself in the music industry today. His debut album Pasalihi released just last year has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from his listeners all over the country. From simple covers to originally written songs, Arthur Miguel is really one of my underrated music artists in OPM. His very soothing and comforting voice and personal-based experience songs capture my heart for music. Additionally, what makes his song so underrated is the fact that every lyric carries so many emotions and stories creatively expressed through his songs. Stream!

You can also check other underrated songs from SunKissed Lola, Lola Amour, Mrld, Cup of Joe, Jarlo Base, Ej Clarks, Adie, Arthur Nery, and The Juans. Go get your earphones with you, and take them with you to your next travel destination! Also, if you have other underrated songs in mind, you might wanna share it with me through the comment section!

These songs deserve the limelight, especially with how passionately they were written by these singer/songwriters. They deserve great appreciation. Thus, as Filipinos, we should always remember to support our local bands out there. We should give them the spotlight they deserve in the music industry. #SupportLocalBandsPH

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