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Sweet, straightforward, and slick songwriters you should listen to!

Sweet, straightforward, and slick songwriters you should listen to!

Like freshly-picked lemons, I harvested and curated one that could be a new addition to your palate. Welcome to Fresh Listens, a small article series where I bring you my best-loved artists and their records. This list in particular swims in the spectrum of sweet, straightforward, and slick sonic characteristics. With an emphasis on songwriters who craft their tracks d-i-y! Dive in with me in these artists’ discographies, and you might just find the tracks that would speak to you as they did to me.

Sweet, straightforward, and slick songwriters you should listen to!

Annika Bennett

It was a serendipitous moment. I was first introduced to the young singer and songwriter Annika Bennett through a ballad called the boy who has everything. Its novelistic typeface appealed to me, donning a monochrome cover art. Henceforth, her candid and straightforward lyrics left an inquiry.

What do you give to the boy who has everything? His world is almost too good to be true. What do you say when he’s starting to let you in? And you see he’s better off without you.

It had a candid question to ask a close friend, I must say. And, ever since then, I’ve been on the watch for her new releases – which I’m glad I never skipped. From her Only Emotion EP, the song titled Your World stays a lasting favorite of mine. It’s definitely a soft banger with her meek vocals narrating with a chill pop rhythmic beat. The EP also collected confessions as one navigates the beginning of adulthood. The songwriter has laid-back vocals backdropped by a bright production posing an amazing contrast. Shortly after the quintet collection, she released her recent EP, ROOM.

On August 2022, she released a collection of masterful demos, all of which she almost never released at all. But, I am definitely grateful that it showed itself to the world, out of the room that Annika Bennett crafted for them.

The bedroom pop artist emanates a clean grunge indie pop-rock sound accompanying her crooning vocals, making quite a statement one should lend their ears to.

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter humbly treads alongside music giants. Recently, she toured with the band LANY. Bennett establishes quite a stellar identity as she contributed writing for various artists namely; Cigarette After Sex, Walk Off The Earth, and many others.

Mindy Gledhill 

Mindy Gledhill builds a picturesque scene of a whimsical world through her lyrics. Sweet, sprightly, and affectionate; her sonic characteristics and word craft emanate these. And often, they transport me for a walk in the street of Paris with Gelato in hand, particularly her song California.

In her tales, the 41-year-old songwriter also decorates them with vivid references to mythology and folk tales. A storyteller ushering us to her magical mosaic pop-up book of classic stories. A musical carnival indeed. To me, her lyrics are that of a classic children’s book, youthful but present and mature in mindset. Uplifting, magical, and reassuring as an afternoon tea with mother.

As a seasoned songwriter, Gledhill has an artistic way of explaining the gift of songwriting and how they mold unfathomable mutual feelings often inexplicable. She narrates in one of her Instagram Reels,

As songwriters, one of our gifts is to sing stories into existence from dimensions that most people can feel but cannot see. At first glance, these are just a bunch of old doors. To me, they are portals to infinite worlds. Imagine all the things that happened behind these doors when they were closed. Who might’ve been weeping? What confessions were made in prayer? Which lovers melted into one another by candlelight? And behind which doors do we find vignettes of ourselves? Being able to take an object from the ordinary world and find the story behind it is called “Object Writing.” What object is close to you right now that might be a portal to another dimension of understanding?”

Gledhill’s songs tell stories of dreamers, hopeful lovers, and artists navigating uncharted paths. She regards herself as an Indie pop darling who will leave you floating like cream in a cup of tea. And, oh my, do I always take flight whenever I listen to the songwriter.

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Just recently she graced us with a new album Rabbit Hole and as the name implies its imagery and sonic characteristics sure remind you of Alice in Wonderland, but delve in deeper as it tells of one’s departure. Mindy is seasoned in the industry but to new up-and-coming fans of hers, her music will surely be a refreshing delightful sonic treat.

Orla Gartland 

Over the years, Orla Gartland built a strong and defining discography. I have been a fan of hers since 2018 and witnessed her colorful musical journey. From commencing her career on YouTube, to crafting and showcasing her tracks in her bedroom, she finally put out her debut album in 2021. From previously started with a series of singles and EPs in her early years, prior to her debut record.

Woman in the Internet, her debut album, pulsates with electrifying energy, carrying indie pop-rock tracks joined by stripped-down acoustic ones. Its cover art features her emotive portrait with a downhill suburb at the far back, with colors reminiscent of a coming-of-age film. The debut album exhibits Orla’s honest songwriting with themes influenced by the season in the Pandemic. This record emerged from her previous venture into indie pop and folk sounds.

Gartland exhibits her slick flows, chopping contemporary lines to what will become her raw and unhesitating confessions. Her impeccable comprehension of rhythm results in smooth verses which borrows a similar pace to that of a rap.

Aesthetic-wise, the Irish diy-musician translates her vision into unexpected visuals. For instance, her EP, Why Am I Like This? brings in high school nostalgia with its yearbook-themed cover art. Her discography ascends braver and braver, and we can’t wait for the new batch of lemons from Orla.

Pure art blossoms and bears fruit even in the comfort of one’s bedrooms and humble studios. These artists definitely deserve a spot in your newly curated playlists. Dive into their fresh discographies now!

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