My all-time favorite songs from The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood—abbreviated as The NBHD— is an alternative, indie, pop rock band that originated from Newbury Park, California. The five-member group formed way back in 2011, front-manned by Jesse Rutherford, its vocalist. The band is well-known for the single Sweater Weather released on Tiktok and even popularized their song Softcore used as background music to some videos.

I just recently discovered The Neighbourhood in 2020 during the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their music kept me up and preoccupied in these uncertain times. Although I’m nine years late upon discovering them, I’m still glad I came across their melodic art.

My all-time favorite songs from The Neighbourhood

Daddy Issues

The first on my list is Daddy Issues. It is the sixth track in their album, Wiped Out! in 2015. It opens up about paternal neglect of a child, contrary to the sexual connotation of having daddy issues. This song speaks relatively to me. It somehow translated the way I feel and my relationship with my late father. I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness and hurt every time I listen to this song.

Cry Baby

The next on my list is Cry Baby. Another song from the same album, Cry baby is about being in a relationship of paranoia and doubt. The song implied a romantic relationship with someone. Yet, this is not my case. For me, it is more about my love-hate relationship with myself and with others around me. How I relate to myself is the part that I tend to doubt and question myself. I also share the same paranoia in the song when I get anxious about what would people think or say about me.


Adding song that entered my list is Void. As the title suggests, Void is all about feeling empty and holding onto something to keep going. The song’s funky and lively beat masks the toxicity of unhealthy dependency either on love, sex, drugs, etc.

Scary Love

Taking up a spot on my list is Scary Love. The song is one of the “love songs” by The NBHD. Though it has a sweet, wholesome meaning to it, Scary Love still doesn’t deviate from feelings of doubt, distrust, and insecurity. It is a song that most can relate to, especially those who are starting to love others again after being in a toxic relationship.

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Finally completing the slate is 24/7. This song is comparable to Scary Love as they both give off soft energy and are breather to the depressing tones the first three has. 24/7 since it’s just about being happily in love with someone. The song also depicts a friends-and-lovers relationship, being inseparable 24/7.

What makes The NBHD worth the listen?

The NBHD is one of the bands to look out for. The NBHD color motifs of black and white heavily describe the music they offer. Darkness and lightness are seen through themes of melancholy, depression, longing blended with warmth, recovery, and attachment. Despite the depressing theme that circulates most of the song, it is still guaranteed that can cradle you through comfort and sleep. Moreover, The NBHD is one of the few bands I fell in love with at first listen. Not because they’re “aesthetically edgy”, but because of how well-crafted their songs are. It leaves its listeners feeling sentimental and empty at the same time.

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