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Justine Felizarta is Majestic in her Miss Tourism World National Costume

Justine Felizarta is Majestic in her Miss Tourism World National Costume

Looking calm and collected, you wouldn’t even tell that Justine Felizarta only had days to prepare for Miss Tourism World 2022. This just goes to show that Filipina beauty queens are ready and equipped for any given challenge.

As she’s finally given the opportunity to represent the country, Justine is definitely gearing up to bring the crown home. This is certainly evident with her extravagant national costume designed by Neil Jimlani.

Naming it “Sari”, the costume is truly a vision of both elegance and nobility thanks to its well-thought-out concept. Further gleaning into its details, here’s the full story behind this beautiful creation.

Behind the name

A tale taken from true heights; the costume takes inspiration from the legend of Mount Apo. As the highest mountain in the country, Apo originates from the name Apong.

As the legend goes, Apong is a brave warrior who has a beautiful daughter named Sari. Having the admiration of many men, Sari possesses a sweet soft voice along with her long dark hair.

According to the designer, the costume takes shape as it represents the mountain’s beautiful scenery. Furthermore, it also brings out the vibrant culture of both the Moros and other indigenous tribes in the country.

Behind the look

Draping in green and gold, the designer chooses the costume’s colors precisely because of their potent symbolic connotation.

Green, or Luntian, a color that denotes growth and renewal, symbolizing how far women have come in today’s society. Gold, or Bulawan, on the other hand, stands for women being the gem of their tribe.

Putting two-and-two together, the costume in its entirety exemplifies the strong and regal attributes that make a Filipina woman exceptional.

@neilpbjimlani Miss Tourism World Philippines 2022 National Costume. Justine Felizarta. #misstourismworld2022 #nationalcostume #misstourismworldphilippines ♬ Traditional Tribal Drums Beat – Background Music

Miss Tourism World is currently taking place in Vietnam with its coronation slated on December 3. Justine is eyeing the win for our third crown.

Congratulations to Justine and her designer, Neil, for a beautiful costume. Like Sari, you are well-loved by your people and the Filipinos are rallying behind you. We hope to see you soar very high and make our country proud!

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