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Schools to Runways: Welcome to Academia Fashion Aesthetic

Schools to Runways: Welcome to Academia Fashion Aesthetic

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Fashion does come and go. From vintage, bohemian, hipster, funky, Y2K, grunge, hypebeast, cottagecore, and more. It just keeps on revolving, but comes back with a more refined touch. Now we are down to another fashion style, the Academia.

The establishment of Academia Fashion

L’Officiel described academia as influenced by learning. Academia is also linked to European academe, classic literature, mythologies, books, and journals, among others. In short, Academia is founded on the idea we have with colleges or universities. Think of it as a fashion that most university students will don inside the campus, or while in the library busying themselves studying.

Academia Fashion dominated not just scholarly institutions, but also social media platforms. The term and style got even more popularized on TikTok in 2020. Because of the rapport it got, it never felt that the pandemic put schools or institutions in halt. The broad term is divided into three which are Art Academia, Romantic Academia, and Chaotic Academia. But Light Academia and Dark Academia are the most popular ones. The only distinction between light academia to dark academia is that the former falls in the lighter color scheme (more on creams and beige), while the latter is on the moodier, darker spectrum (black and espresso hues).

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Although academia is inspired by ideals of learning, it is not just exclusively worn inside schools or universities. You can easily pull off this aesthetic on any occasion for a bold and polished statement. Due to its versatility, you can wear it whether you’re traveling, attending formal events, or even strolling in local museums and art expos.

Academia’s indispensables

Generally, academia aesthetic completes its classy, preppy, scholastic vibe with pieces that embody its core. Staple pieces such as cardigans, trench coats, sweaters, vests, collared and lacy blouses, turtle necks, skirts, and trousers. These essentials are perfect for achieving the laid-back meets sophisticated style.

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A play in textures, prints, layers, and silhouettes is also key in achieving the academia fashion. A variation of knitted, tweed, wool, cashmere, corduroy, leather, silk, plaid, houndstooth, oversized, form-fitting, or tapered. Of course, don’t forget the warm to neutral colors.

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