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My 3 Favorite Most Affectionate Cat Companions

My 3 Favorite Most Affectionate Cat Companions

Some of the cats we know don’t give that kind of affectionate companionship that we crave because they are usually sassy and feel superior to their owners (which is undeniably cute, tbh).

While others may have this behavior, some breeds are naturally adoring, good companions, and have sweet personalities. Others are afraid of these feline creatures because of their boldness—how they hiss and look at you sharply when they are angry. But these breeds that I will share are far from the behavior of the usual cats we know. Some cat breeds are quite the opposite.

Here are my 3 favorite affectionate cat companions:


Photo Credits: Quadrant Kindercentra

The Burmese is the cat that captured my heart the most. They are usually close to their owners and their family. I mean, they consider the people who take care of them and give them the love they need. This cat is so affectionate that it will want to be next to its purr-rents until they fall asleep. With their extreme kindness, of course, it is also inevitable to have a naughty personality sometimes, but that’s just because they are comfortable with people. They only want good relationships that will fulfill them with unparalleled joy and love.


Photo Credits: Medium

The one thing I like about Persian cats is that they are not elusive to anyone, so they are fun to introduce to other people without worry because they enjoy it too. They are also very clingy to their owners. Usually, they are comfortable sleeping or resting on a person’s lap as long as you have a close relationship with them.

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Photo Credits: Advantage Petcare

This is the breed of cat that is entertaining. It is adorable how they are sometimes called “puppy cats” due to their mischievousness, a tendency to play with the owner, and does not have desire to hug people. Above all, no matter what happens, they would rather be with their family.

Having a pet cat is a huge joy. They will not only have a pet, you will also have a family. They feel like home due to their unique characteristics that only we humans can experience.

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