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Cat Ownership and its Benefits

Cat Ownership and its Benefits

Owning a cat in your house is truly a blessing, it’s rewarding feeling how they can improve your mental health. They are fun to be with and they radiate a positive energy. As a cat owner I know how cats can be independent sometimes. They seem to understand more what they’re doing and want to lead all the time.

But most cats love to be petted by their owner. If they trust you enough they love a good sleep on your lap. These simple things make them lovable and as an owner it melts my heart if they trust me in anything. So today we’re counting down their benefit to you as an owner or soon to be cat parents.

What makes a cat a great pet?

Cat’s are very versatile, whether living in a large place or a simple and small house. They can provide happiness and fun play, that’s why here are some benefits:

  • They are very independent. Most of them don’t need attention and they can entertain themselves alone.
  • Keeping your house pest-free. Have you ever wondered about seeing random dead bugs, rats and insects in your house? It’s because they mostly hunt them. If you’re lucky enough they’ll give it to you, a way to teach you to hunt.
  • They are quiet. They can meow when they’re hungry but never distract you when they’re at peace. Unlike dogs who bark all the time, cats only meow when they need attention and sleep most of the time.
  • Low maintenance pet. Cats cost less grooming and feeding. Unlike dogs that need training and toys for attention. But if you’re a cat parent who loves to spend for your pet, it’s okay.
  • Long life span. The hardest part of owning a pet is saying goodbye to them at some point. Luckily for them, 20 years are their max life span if taken carefully.

What are their health benefits to us?

Apart from giving joy as an owner, health benefits can also be seen in having a cat.

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  • Brings positivity. If you have a cat and they always like to play with you. It helps lessen your anxiety and stress because they make your day happy.
  • Reduce loneliness. They are very good as companions. Even if you’re alone in the house, owning one creates a sense of friend.
  • Prevent allergies. It helps children to develop an immune system that’s defense against cat allergy. A long exposure to them are factors to have this kind of protection.

How to take care of your cat

In spite of being independent they need proper care. They are still dependent on you since you’re the owner. Here are some tips to take care of your cat:

  • Safe environment. First, you need to consider if your place is safe for them. Make sure that they’re away from any harm and threats.
  • Balanced Diet. Know your pets diet and provide them a well-balanced meal. Avoid overfeeding that can cause obesity and health issues.
  • Litter box. It’s essential to have a litter box because it’s where they poop. Make sure you clean everyday to avoid any unpleasant smell.
  • Provide a scratch pole. To avoid scratches in random things in your house, provide a scratch pole for your pet. You can also make a DIY using cardboard.
  • Grooming for cats. Although they don’t need as much grooming as dogs. They still have to be groom and keep clean to avoid catching disease.

As an owner it’s important to know what type of cat you want. It’s considered to also know your consistency as a cat parent. Cats need love and they provide you with a good amount of laughter and positivity. A responsible and lovable parent makes a pet happy.

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