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Signs that your best friend is your platonic soulmate

Signs that your best friend is your platonic soulmate

A soulmate is conventionally known as someone who you connect deeply with romantically. But what is least talked about is how we can have platonic soulmates too!

Here’s how you’ll know that your friend is your platonic soulmate.

You get each other’s humor

Ever had the “finish each others’ sentence” type of friend? Chances are, you have the same humor as them too. Whatever type of humor you have, dank, dark, or vine-ish, your platonic friend will always crack up every time you throw a punchline.

You never feel judged

Platonic soulmates are often very intimate, to the extent that you don’t mind if they humor you out. Are you looking like shit today, or are you having a shitty day? They know, you’ll know that they know but you will never feel bad about it.

With them you’re never alone

Confiding with your friend will always be comforting. No matter what the world throws at you, you’re certain that you can get through it because your platonic soulmate will make you realize that you are a lot of things, but being alone is never one of them.

You support each other

No matter how ridiculously bizarre your plans or ideals are, your platonic soulmate will support you 99.9% of the time. As long as your decisions are not life-threatening, “Go lang beh!”

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Isn’t it just nice to know that whatever silly and small passion you have, there’s someone behind you who will always support you for it? Big dreams or small dreams, they got you!

Wanting the best for each other

Your platonic soulmate will always want the best for you. You have potential and your friend cannot wait for you to live up to it! No matter what aspect of your life it might be, love, education, or even career. Your platonic soulmate will always urge you to do your best so you can get the best results that you deserve.

Have you found your platonic soulmate yet? If not, we hope this list would help!

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