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LGBTQ+ TV Characters That Never Actually Came Out Of The Closet

LGBTQ+ TV Characters That Never Actually Came Out Of The Closet

It’s already 2020. Yet, here we are, still on a battle against the lack of representation for the guys, gals, and non-binary pals. LGBTQ+ characters would normally be the sidekick. Usually, they would be stereotypical or oversimplified characters who pop up in a recurring capacity for comedic effect. Sometimes, their sexuality becomes downplayed and intimate scenes would remain non-existent. 

Occasionally, these characters’ stories would revolve around their coming out stories or the fact that their families and friends don’t accept them and their sexualities. They would face drama, suffering, and grief. However, these LGBTQ+ characters never actually came out of the closet. This makes it seem as if being a part of the community carried on as a normal and common occurrence.


LGBTQ+ TV Characters That Never Actually Came Out Of The Closet

Rue Bennett | Euphoria

The main character and protagonist of the first season of Euphoria, Rue Bennett identifies as a lesbian. A 17-year-old recovering drug addict, she struggles to find her place in the world. Fresh from rehab, she also has no intention of staying clean. She struggles to make sense of what her future holds. Then, she meets Jules, the eclectic and intriguing new girl in town.

A transgender woman, Jules struggles with compulsory heterosexuality as she connects conquering femininity and being a real woman to sleeping with random adult men. When she met Rue, she finally realizes that she doesn’t need to sleep or be with men to conquer femininity and be a true woman.

Toni Topaz | Riverdale

Promoted as a series regular for the third season onward of Riverdale, Toni Topaz identifies as a bisexual. A former student at Southside High, she started attending Riverdale High after the mayor shut their school down due to alleged toxic fumes. At first, she and Cheryl Blossom had a hostile relationship. However, they have since built a relationship that quickly grew more so now that they both lead a gang of their own, the Pretty Poisons.

Ambrose Spellman | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

One of the main characters in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Ambrose Spellman identifies as a pansexual. A warlock that specializes in necromancy, Father Blackwood traps him in the Spellman Mortuary for 75 years due to a binding spell. He met Luke Chalfant at a funeral which didn’t bode well for their relationship. He was generous and kind, even offering to speak to Father Blackwood on Ambrose’s behalf to lessen his sentence. Unfortunately, Luke was brutally murdered by witch hunters while he was serving under the Judas Society.

Lucifer Morningstar and Mazikeen | Lucifer

The titular protagonist of Lucifer, Lucifer Morningstar identifies as a bisexual. Growing tired of ruling the Underworld, he voluntarily left his position in Hell to become a nightclub owner in Los Angeles, Lux. Then, he started working alongside LAPD homicide detective Chloe Decker. In the second season, a murder investigation where the only apparent connection between two victims would be that they’d once shared Lucifer’s bed. LAPD started interviewing all of his past lovers, male and female in an effort to find the culprit.

Closest friend, personal bodyguard, and longtime servant, Mazikeen identifies as a pansexual. She worked alongside him at the Lux before starting a new career as a bounty hunter with the LAPD. Although she doesn’t have many romantic relationships, she’s had tons of sexual encounters with both men and women throughout the series. During the fourth season, she starts to look for a love interest and develops a crush on the Original Sinner, Eve.

Alex and Willie | Julie and the Phantoms

One of the main protagonists of Julie and the Phantoms, Alex identifies as a gay man. Sometime in the 1990s, he formed the band Sunset Curve with his close friends Luke, Reggie, and Bobby. However, he died in 1995 along with Luke and Reggie after eating street dogs. Although not much was revealed about his past, Luke revealed that Alex’s parents became distant when he came out as gay and they remained unreconciled at the time of his death.

After his death, he and his bandmates come back to earth as ghosts after 25 years. People can see the band as long as they play music with Julie. When the song ends, the band vanishes. Overwhelmed with all the changes going on in his life, Alex walks away and literally bumps into another ghost – Willie. Although the latter never revealed his sexuality, that didn’t stop their romance from going viral among its viewers.

Ramona Royale | American Horror Story: Hotel

One of the main protagonists of American Horror Story: Hotel, Ramona Royale identifies as a bisexual. As an afflicted or a vampire, she does anything to be in power and will do anything to get revenge on her former lover Elizabeth aka the Countess. In 1977, Ramona pursues a film producer at the Hotel, convincing him to cast her in a serious role. Offering to take her upstairs for a drink, Elizabeth interrupts them and tells the producer to leave, scaring him off. Impressed, the Countess reveals that she saved her from making a dreadful mistake.

After a night filled with talking, they make love which turned Ramona into an afflicted, promising that she could live in her world of art, literature, and fashion forever. However, they break up after Ramona realized that she couldn’t belong to Elizabeth forever. She meets a man named Moses and she turns him into an afflicted, planning to be with him forever. Her happiness became short-lived when she and Moses find all his crew had been brutally murdered by Elizabeth who quickly finds him and murders him with his own gun. Distraught, Ramona vows revenge.

Harley Quinn | Harley Quinn

The titular protagonist of Harley, Harleen Frances Quinzel grew up in a dysfunctional home. At the time, she was normal albeit mentally unstable. She graduated at the top of her school and later became a psychiatrist. She started working at both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary. Then, she met the Joker who started wooing her even as he tried to kill her. She met Poison Ivy when the latter saved her from a bullet and asked her to be her new therapist.

Their friendship would bloom as Harley eventually became the only person to successfully get through to her and help with her issues. During Ivy’s bachelorette party, they enjoyed themselves in earnest. After consuming too many spirits, the next thing they knew they were both waking up out of a drunken stupor in the same bed together, the next morning. Ivy panicked and fled the room, calling it a mistake.

Despite Harley’s continuous attempts to fix the situation, Ivy leaves her and flies away with Kite Man into the sky, leaving her alone, and sobbing in a fetal position on the ground. The two only reconciled during Ivy’s wedding day where an attack has happened and Harley tries to save the bride and groom. However, Kite Man rejects Harley’s invitation to marry them then and there in the middle of a warzone. He leaves Ivy who finally returned Harley’s love.

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