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New Filipino BL Series takes you to the world of ‘Influencers’

New Filipino BL Series takes you to the world of ‘Influencers’


In the mood of shooting stars? Well, these boys in Camp Avenue Studios are having one! Influencers The Series is coming your way this November 2020. 

Chollo Sotiangco (Ram Agoncillo) and Leon Eustaquio (Migo Valle) are the lead actors of the first-ever BL series of Camp Avenue Studios. Chollo Sotiangco is currently a 3rd year BA Communication student of FEU-Manila while Leon Eustaquio, a graduate of Behavioral Sciences from the University of the Cordilleras is currently taking his pre-medical course and is also an advocate for mental health.

#InfluencersTheSeries is a journey of two different kinds of influencers in two different worlds with different stories to tell. This series aims to showcase the life behind Insta-glam images of social media ‘Influencers’. But what if these two were destined to meet and eventually fall in love with each other? However, the question is, how will they conquer it with all the pressure and fame?

Together with the two are Romeo Malijan as Cholo dela Cruz, Kevin Alejandro as Josh Martinez, Denjo Jose as Andrei Mayormente, Kevin Martinez as Max Pope, Em Meneses as Cassandra Vergara, and Maz Esquivel as Chesca Fermin.

#Influencers The Series is directed by Renz-Bhil Tugelida and was written by Stephanie-Rose Quiros. Watch out for their updates regarding this series by following them on their social media accounts.

In fact, the official trailer is set to be released this coming Saturday, November 7, 2020 – 8PM via Camp Avenue Studios’ official YouTube channel.

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Stay tuned for more updates!

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