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Araw and Buwan: Juan Karlos’ artistic concept

Araw and Buwan: Juan Karlos’ artistic concept

The charming Cebuano who swayed us with his “Grow Old With You” during his blind auditions are now thriving in the music industry. Apart from his notable features and looks, his talent makes him more attractive and relevant. Juan Karlos Labajo paved his way and proved his versatility by singing soulfully, belting high notes, playing instruments, and doing plausible songwriting. Transitioning from a solo artist to building his own name, he has come a long way in building his own band.

Juan Karlos’ hardships and heartbreaks fueled him to do soulful songwriting. He took inspiration from his coach in The Voice Kids, Bamboo, classifying his genre as Classic Pinoy Alternative Rock.

Juan Karlos- Buwan

His band debuted his famous song ‘Buwan’ on June 22, 2018. The title of the song Buwan which means moon in English is often affiliated with luna and the word itself means lunatic or insane. This is exactly what Juan Karlos has tried to portray in his music video: his extremely insane feelings over his former partner Maureen Wroblewitz.

Buwan has mysterious and chilly vibes on it that would send shivers down your spine. The mysterious strumming pattern is reminiscent of old songs perfect to listen to at night times. The vocals, bass, and drums matched the haunting backup vocals of Juan Karlos.

Listening closely to the lyrics, it is about his intense feelings about a woman who he is deeply in love with. It revolves around love and despair, but the execution is so sincere that it created magic. The highlight of his song is JK’s belting out high notes, sounding like a howling cry to proclaim the intensity of his feelings. He is literally wanting the moon itself to hear his desperate begs and cries.

It is a song that never gets old no matter how many times you would listen to it. It is a perfect song for your late-night drives with your partner in the passenger seat.

Juan Karlos- Araw

Buwan was released when he was so in love with Mau, this time Araw, after their breakup. Araw was released on September 29, 2022, three days after Buwan MVs 4th anniversary.

The chamber where they took the video was the same setting for both music videos. Buwan MV was filmed in the evening, while the moon is still up. Now they filmed this while the sun is still up. Opposite to how happy Juan Karlos seemed in Buwan, he is heartbreakingly sad in this song. Buwan is like bargaining and Araw is acceptance.

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The lyrics are about how painful the breakup was. He will always long for the love that has gone cold but she will always be etched in his mind. It is also a song about acceptance.

In Araw’s music video, Juan Karlos portrayed himself as someone who woke up from a dream. In the broad daylight, he is back in overwhelming reality. Araw is so bright that it hurts. This song is perfect when you needed a good cry and reminisce on shared memories. It has a great story and a plausible concept.

His past with Maureen Wroblewitz

Juan Karlos and Maureen Wroblewitz started dating in 2017 and made their relationship public in 2019. They have confirmed their breakup on June 2022 through an Instagram post. JK posted that she will always be her ‘moon’. The latter posted of being okay with the breakup to grow on their own.

Juan Karlos is an artist who is attached to his artistic core. His artistry is impressive and top-notch. His music is invested in soul and emotion rather than a catchy beat and harmony. He seems to have a bright future because his songs are like a black hole swallowing us all in the cesspit of emotions.

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