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Adventure is calling: Summer getaway in Subic, Zambales

Adventure is calling: Summer getaway in Subic, Zambales

Its picturesque landscape and calm waters make Subic, Zambales a top destination this summer. The coastal municipality in the northwest takes pride in its sandy beaches and diving sites due to its shipwrecks and coral species. It is one of the nearest beaches to Metro Manila but it can get pretty expensive because it’s a crowd favorite during summer.

Adventure is calling: Summer getaway in Subic, Zambales

Arizona Beachfront| Thania Florendo

There is no point in denying that summer excites most of us. Before you pack your bags, prepare your bikinis and practice beach poses for perfect snaps, plan for an itinerary that fits your budget. Zambales is not highly urbanized, but there are a lot of decent beachfront accommodations that would provide that vitaminSEA you needed.

Online Reservations

Secure your accommodations through online bookings to avoid hassle and delays on your trip. After long drives, crowded waiting areas in the hotel or resort are a usual summer scenario that spoils the excitement. Ideally, find accommodations that are on the beachfront, close to restaurants, have good facilities, and offer activities and tour packages. Take into consideration the Samba Bluewater Resort because it has it all!

Paluto Services

Summer getaway will never be complete without good food. Admit it, the food prices in the hotel are overpriced and sometimes hardly meet the standard. Paluto service is a hack that is not new to Filipinos and this never disappoints because you personally chose the food that will be served to you. Based on personal experience, I was accompanied by a manong, who is known to everyone in the market. We roam around choosing from the wide and fresh options of seafood. It is prepared and cooked to my liking, definitely satisfying my tastebuds. For the efficient service and preparations, I gave the nanay, who cooked four different dishes, 500 pesos.

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Drink by the Beach

Staring at the calm blue waters, feeling the scorching heat, and getting tan lines while drinking ice-cold beer is to die for. Instead of purchasing at the expensive bar counter of hotels, save your cash by buying at grocery or convenience stores. You can buy ice in the restaurant of the hotel or resort as a guest. There are also a lot of vendors walking around with varied local products. Try to buy from them and make the most out of your summer outing.

Join Group Tours/Activities

Water activities are fun and exciting that complete the beach experience. If you are on a family vacation this summer then you can split the rates individually. However, if you are a couple or a group of 4, try to ask if other groups are looking for joiners. Island Tours per boat is 3000 pesos, while the rental for a jetski is 4000 pesos for an hour. The rates range from 1000-5000 depending on the water activity.

There is no such thing as too much beach for beach enthusiasts. Seize the summer and beat the heat. There is nothing more relaxing to take a break with sunsets, salty air, gentle breeze, sandy beach, and refreshing water.

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