June has ended but Pride is not over

June has ended which means Pride month has passed. Flags and banners are soon to be taken down from establishments. The theme of companies’ social media pages are going back to their normal layouts. Even those who had planned profiles and headers for Pride month are changing them again. Businesses have hidden away their Pride-themed merchandise for the time being. It will be another year before the marches are led again. 

Celebrating Pride in June

Pride is celebrated every June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots that happened in the same month in New York. It has made its mark on the history of the LGBTQIA+, being the change that started it all. Years later, the community is still marching, fighting for love and their identity. 

Every June, you would see businesses posting in support of the community and Pride. There would be organizations coming forth with programs and arranging events. Pride month is when the community is seemingly louder than ever, from social media to the streets. They would post about themselves, tell their story, and talk about just how proud they are. 

There would be flags and placards in marches. These people would have bright smiles on their painted faces. There would be declarations of love and freedom. They would be shared to thousands of people. Songs would be booming from left to right. It’s a colorful celebration. 

And Still We Celebrate

What happens after Pride then? What happens when June ends?

Contrary to what others think, the celebrations don’t actually stop. It’s not always in the form of parades. They’re not always out in the open or seen by many. They’re not always loud. Even after the month has passed, you would still witness people donating to programs. There would still be LGBTQIA+ films streaming online or showing in cinemas. You would still come across coming-out stories. 

Your friend would still have that pride flag hung up in their room. 

It’s not only about counting down to the first day of Pride month and then counting off to the end. 1969 and even the years before that were never just about a day or a month. It’s about the people themselves, what they are fighting for, and what they are celebrating. 

Pride Is Everyday

We carry it with us and it is us. Even after the march has ended, that doesn’t mean we need to stop celebrating our identity, our sexuality, and our love. There is no timeframe for it. 

June might have ended but there is no end to Pride.

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