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PRESS HIT PLAY’S latest single, “Sambit”, is the group’s journey soundtrack

PRESS HIT PLAY’S latest single, “Sambit”, is the group’s journey soundtrack

Press Hit Play, also known as PHP, is a P-Pop boy band consisting of CHRLS, Yuuki, JP, and Sev. One year after their debut is actually insufficient to convey their narrative. Before making their official debut, these four boys have been performing together for years. It was never simple, but it was definitely worth taking all the chances to get to where they are now. 

Before becoming PHP, it was a long route that involved joining and winning several competitions and coming from various groups. They are now prepared to share their true tale with their steadily expanding fan base now, also known as PEARLS.

Last April, thousands of P-POP fans who attended their first huge live performance saw them perform their new singleSambit. They all managed to perform the song through tears, so it was undoubtedly an emotional feeling for their fans. As a result, PEARLS became more curious and excited as they watched PHP perform.

While writing the song, JP, the singer songwriter and producer, reflects on the time he is composing.

 “When I left my former company, I was about to work overseas. I reflected on what I really wanted to do in my life and I realized, it was music, still is and will always be. That’s when I was able to start penning the first verse of the song up until the chorus.” 

JP pursued his passion, which led him to joining and winning a competition that allowed him to be a trainee in Korea.

 “This is more about our struggles. And also our inspiration to move forward and reach our dreams, which is the people around us who continue to support and cheer on us, those who are with us every step of the way.”

Meanwhile, CHRLS, the lead vocalist said,

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“I want to tell people our message of comfort through the song. Just like our debut track, it is inspirational but this one has an emotional touch to it.”

The group’s main vocalist and youngest member, Sev, declares his intention to inspire listeners of their new song.

Photo | PHP

The group’s journey is captured in the song “Sambit.”  From their individual singing debuts to getting to know one another through the competitions they entered, towards forming their cover group. There are still difficulties with Press Hit Play, but what matters most is whoever sticks with them and continues to walk beside them to the very end.

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