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FOREO UFO Review: I discovered a product that will keep our skin in good condition this ECQ

FOREO UFO Review: I discovered a product that will keep our skin in good condition this ECQ


The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) has put us all into a corner, forcing us to be isolated — plus all the constant reminders of washing our hands and eating healthy food to boost the immune system. Practicing good hygiene at home has always been one of the best ways for us to protect ourselves from the deadly coronavirus disease. Apparently, maintaining good hygiene also means a stricter skincare routine — at least for me. 

Skincare routine this ECQ

My job as a magazine editor requires me to interact with various people — clients, creatives, celebrities, and media personalities — that’s why it is always important to look good and dressed smartly. Before ECQ, I’ve become dependent on beauty and skincare centers to take care of my skin — not to mention my personal ‘morning and night routine’ to prevent my skin from breaking out and looking tired. While this situation is giving our skin its ample time to breathe and rejuvenate, we might also be exposed to more air conditioning, unhealthy foods, and late-night Netflix binge, which are all bad for our skin. I mean, I understand and respect your ways to cope with the quarantine blues, that’s why we have to know how to put extra care for our body, especially our skin. 

Day 3 (BEFORE)

Day 3 (AFTER)

In this time of the pandemic, we don’t have the luxury to go to our scheduled skincare appointments. Some of us have facial care tools we can rely on like facial massagers and beauty rollers, however, this might not be enough to maintain a brighter and glowing skin. Luckily, I discovered a product that has changed my skincare routine while in the quarantine period — the UFO by FOREO Sweden, considered as the world’s most sophisticated smart mask. It is a combination of highly effective skincare technologies and exclusive mask formulas for a professional-level skincare experience in seconds.

Complete facial treatment in the comfort of your own space

At first, I was intrigued and couldn’t help but wonder how this small product can actually give my skin the care it deserves, promising all the benefits of face masks within a speedy 90 seconds. This product will give a complete facial treatment in the comfort of your own space. I am sincerely impressed. 

In the past week, I’ve tried using UFO, of course, with two of their highly-concentrated activated masks — H20 Overdose and Glow Addict. Each FOREO formula is made with the purest of ingredients, to provide you with everything your skin loves, and nothing it doesn’t. Dealing with skin concerns like oiliness and dryness is frustrating — I, too, experience that. In just a few days of using it, I can really see the result, and it is actually spectacular.

H20 Overdose

This kind of face mask is for ULTRA-HYDRATING, providing an instant and intense infusion of moisture for smoother, more supple skin. H20 Overdose is perfect for your morning treatment as it delivers long-lasting hydration to soothe your dry skin enough for the whole day. My skin looks replenished and moisturized. 

Glow Addict

Surprisingly, this product has exceeded my expectations. This has become part of my night routine as it gives my skin time to energize overnight, making my skin look healthier and glowing. You can now achieve a glowing skin when you wake up with a Glow Addict face mask  — perfect for ‘woke-up-like-this’ selfie.

This time of crisis, while some may think that there should be other things to prioritize, it’s still ideal to take care of our skin. Don’t take our skin for granted, after all, feeling good about ourselves is a comfort that we can hold on to in these struggling times.

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