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Hey, Stop Calling Out Heart E For Her PPE Fashion Statements

Hey, Stop Calling Out Heart E For Her PPE Fashion Statements


Heart Evangelista is not only a fashion icon but also a global celebrity having been featured for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar in August 2018. She was also chosen to be part of Vogue 100– what an amazing honor for this Fashionista! But most recently, she received flak or perhaps called out by a local lifestyle magazine for being insensitive. The magazine blatantly said, “we know it was all for show because no matter how rich you are, you’re definitely not slathering Lysol on your P900,000 Hermès bag. At a time when fashion is taking a step back from the spotlight, it would be wise to think if what you’re doing makes sense.”


Heart is a fashion icon. Periodt.

Yes, this is the time to empathize and to be extra sensitive due to the hardship that we’re facing. But it can be argued and it’s also possible that she’s trying to inspire and uplift other’s spirits, plus she’s just celebrating Fashion, there’s no harm in doing it. Due to the lockdown, most of us feel trapped at home. Tyga’s Bored in the House song has clearly stuck with us making it a viral Tiktok tune, right? But don’t you know that dressing up can make you feel powerful? This crisis has been anxiety-inducing and isolating and we owe it to ourselves to do anything that can empower us. In spite of the uncertainties, it makes us feel more in control. You don’t want to end up stuck in a rut or deep in a rabbit hole.


How can dressing up empower you?

Dressing up gives you a sense of purpose. Maybe you feel stuck since you’re just at home indulging on a Netflix binge-fest, but dressing up makes you feel good about yourself. We usually retreat to our regular sweatpants or even PJ’s since we’re just at home. When you’re too lax and comfy, it makes you just want to lie in bed. It can even put your spirits down and make you feel sulky. Think of a time when you’re depressed, possibly because of a break-up, or when you’re grieving a loss. Don’t you want to curl up in bed with your most comfortable outfit?

We think that Heart doesn’t mean to offend anybody nor she is insensitive. Should I remind you of her philanthropic acts? She just wants to encourage us not only to be prepared with the new normal but also to drag ourselves from the rut, to dress up and be powerful once more. When you feel good, you’ll surely be more productive. Yes, we’re going through an unprecedented time but don’t you owe it to yourself to snap out of it. If we don’t do so, it can be a spiral that is difficult to get out of.

We salute you, Heart, for inspiring us. You don’t deserve to be criticized harshly, instead, you should be commended!








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