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Here’s your guide to self-care during isolation

Here’s your guide to self-care during isolation

Have you ever felt the need to wake up in the morning with the same routine? Like your life just depends on your standard routine of living?

In the hustle and bustle life, you also need to remind yourself to have a room for “breaks.” It prevents you to have an overload that may lead to burnout. Self-care is a must for everyone, no doubt on that!

For you to move forward, you should focus on yourself. Since lockdowns imposed on the country with different classifications and variations, people can be stuck in one place due to protocols and their nature of work, especially with heightened restrictions that limit travel and supposed vacations.

However, with all the problems in the world. Do not let yourself drown on it. If you’re in a work-from-home-set-up or having a modular and online class, take time to focus on yourself. There are times that you are probably stressed out and just merely surviving. Remember that life is more than just surviving, it is thriving, changing, and becoming better each day.

Both the youth and adults experience stress and anxiety. Some keep on looking back at their life with regrets instead of moving forward. Some are impatient to grow older and want to be free soon.

People experience stress and anxiety differently. The most important thing for all of us is to remind ourselves to control and change the present. Do your own thing that will improve your well-being. Do not be a slave of your past. Take care of yourself first.

Guide to self-care during isolation days

  • Listen to your body

Feeling worn out and empty? Got less energy to work and socialize? Listen to your body, as it’s a good way to connect to your physical being. Fatigue leads to bad health consequences. If you feel like something’s not working, take a break. Do not force yourself to its maximum limit.


  • Good time management

Always make time for everything. It will lead you to prioritize things that lead to productivity. Be proactive with your life. If you opt to finish your tasks, have schedules and avoid distractions. At the end of the day, reward yourself. After all watching your favorite movie, ordering the food you always crave, or playing with your pets at home seems a good value. This will help you to do your needed task as well as enjoying your life.


  • Emotional Hygiene

Just like physical hygiene, emotional hygiene is necessary just like physical hygiene. It will keep your life balanced from daily practices. Emotional hygiene requires you to recognize and express your emotion properly. Whether you’re angry, joyful, sad, or in grief, try to release that emotion in a manner of not insulting others.


  • Never stop learning

Since life is never-ending when it comes to learning, everyone should always learn something new every day. You should not limit yourself on what you can do. Instead, challenge yourself to discover new things. For example, you may have a profession in medicine but that does not mean you can’t be an artist or a singer. Try to enjoy your life and learn more because our learning capacity is endless.


  • Smile more often

Never let your day pass by without smiling laughing, hugging, or uttering words of kindness and love. Believe it or not, it helps your soul and spirit. Remember, it’s not a bad life it’s just a bad day. Smile often so you can be delighted with your life.



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