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Your Guide to common Filipino slang words and their meanings

Your Guide to common Filipino slang words and their meanings

Speak like a local and be like a local with these slang words.

You’ve probably heard of these words often. Filipino slang words are common, especially for Gen Z’s and Millennials. In our group of friends, we usually use these words in our conversations.

Also, these words are, sometimes, a combination of the Filipino and English language. Filipino slang is entrancing for a scholar of language as it quickly evolves with its dynamics.

To level up your knowledge about Filipino slang, here are some common words to learn. It’s time to drop the formality of words for now. Try to learn these Filipino slang words and converse effectively.

Common Filipino slang words and their meanings

  • Charot ( Cha-rot)

A slang word that often means “just kidding” or “just joking.” It is used to lighten things up and make them fun to reduce serious discussions into jokes. Usually, it can also be shortened as “char”.

  • Keri (Ke-ree)

Sounds like carrying, right? It is not what you think it is. Slang word Keri means can do or often answers the question, “Can you do it?” Keri! Additionally, when someone asks if you can do something and your answer is yes. Then, this word is used to signify that you can do it.

  • Chika (Chee-ka)

I usually use this slang word often, especially whenever I converse with my friends. Chika simply means gossip. If you want updates on something or someone, then, you can use this as “Anong chika today?”


  •  Mumshie (Mum-shee)

Usually, it pertains to a mother or an older female that is significant to you, a cute way of endearment to females. I often use this word with my close teachers back in high school.

  • Bes / Beshie (Bes / Be-shee)

A slang word that directly translates to a best friend. Moreover, you may use this as a term of endearment to your closest friends. 


  •  Jowa (Jo-wa)

It basically means boyfriend/girlfriend. You can use it to refer to someone special to you. However, another term can also be applied when you find someone who is girlfriend/boyfriend material, using the word “jowable.”


Other Filipino internet slang words

Moreover, if you’re internet savvy and always use social media almost every day, here are some most used words you might encounter. It is usually seen in online forums, marketplaces, and conversations.

  • SKL

If you opt to express your thoughts and share them with others. Use this three-letter slang for effective communication, which means “share ko lang.”


  • Hm

Online live selling on Facebook is popular nowadays. Usually, this slang means “how much” wherein you ask the price of a certain thing or service you want to avail. It is widely used in the Filipino social media marketplace.

  • SLR

This three-letter slang translates as sorry for the late reply.

  • Triggered

This slang word is often used when a person experienced something that led him/her to immediate anger. “Hala triggered sya bes!”


  • Tea

This is not something you can drink. This refers to gossip. Furthermore, you can use it as “What’s the tea, sis?” “Spill the tea'” 


Furthermore, these are just some Filipino slang words you can learn. There are still a lot of words that are usually used in today’s generation. Try to immerse yourself with the diversity of culture by using these Filipino slang words.



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