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Here is a list of Zephanie Dimaranan’s song covers that will make you go “Wow!”

Here is a list of Zephanie Dimaranan’s song covers that will make you go “Wow!”

This Generation Pop Princess Zephanie Dimaranan is putting her name out in the music industry with her powerful voice. The 18-year-old from Biñan, Laguna had the winning performance on Idol Philippines 2019. She performed an unforgettable version of Pangarap Kong Pangarap Mo which made her the first-ever grand winner of the program. Aside from original songs, she also has a YouTube account where she covers songs that captures the listeners’ hearts. She covers songs from international singers like Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, and Mandy Moore among others. She also songs from our very own Angeline Quinto, Eraserheads, and IV of Spades among others.

Here is a list of Zephanie Dimaranan’s song covers that will make you go “Wow!”

On the Ground (ROSÉ from Blackpink)


This is Zephanie’s latest song cover posted on July 16, 2021. Listening to this song will convince you that Zephanie really is this generation’s Pop Princess. The little bungisngis girl from The Voice is starting to grow up into a beautiful and talented woman. Her clear singing technique will make you feel Zephanie delivers the message from the song directly to you.

pov (Ariana Grande)

Netizens left a comment on Zephanie’s YouTube channel saying that she sounds like Ariana. And, if you listen to it, you will not dare to disagree. Her voice comes close to the original that made the song really suit her.

Heartbreak Anniversary (Giveon)

This song became a dance trend on TikTok featuring sweet steps for a pair of friends or couples. Zephanie can dance, too, but chose to make a great rendition of the song. With her angelic voice, this cover can be added to a long list of relaxing and soothing songs. Don’t worry, it may be a sad song but her voice will comfort you.

drivers license (Olivia Rodrigo)

Then, there’s drivers license. A lot of us know the original singer Olivia Rodrigo who sings about painful breakups. Although she has no experience being heartbroken, Zephanie sang this cover like she had one. It’s evident that she really is a great singer that delivers the message of the song to her listeners.

Paubaya (Moira Dela Torre)


Another sad song about being in love. If you cannot take the sadness, do not listen to this cover from Zephanie. Because she will only hurt you just by listening to her version of this song. Moira already sang this song as painful as one can feel. You won’t regret playing Zephanie’s cover because it will be worth it.

These are only a few songs that you can listen to from Zephanie’s YouTube channel or on Spotify. In fact, Zephanie has a long way to go. And with her voice, success will even follow her on the way.

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