Here are the qualities that people adore about Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi and Family

Ivana Alawi became the internet’s favorite because of the daring Instagram pictures that she posts on her account. However, aside from her hubadera pictures and her naturally pretty face, many of her fans actually admired her genuine personality. Last March 14, Ivana uploaded in her official YouTube account the vlog where she helped a stranger. And that vlog reached 21 million views. Many people admired her generosity which would set a good example to other influencers. However, that would be just a glimpse of why people love her.

Here are the qualities that people adore about Ivana Alawi:

1. Her simplicity

Her simplicity would be the most evident quality of Ivana Alawi. In addition, her simplicity in dolling herself up enhanced her Moroccan-Filipino features more. Aside from her physical appearance, her personality also emanates her simplicity.

Moreover, no doubt that Ivana got that from her parents as she uploaded a vlog where mentioned her late father. She said that “he did not buy any branded things no matter how much money he makes.” And her Mom also known as Mama Alawi, also showed how simple and fun their life can be, as seen in their vlogs.

Mona, Ivana Alawi, and Mama Alawi

2. Her sassiness and her sense of humor.

Many of her fans find her vlogs, pranks, and challenges highly amusing due to her effective humor and her sassy lines. However, her videos offer resolutions that satisfy the viewers because they showed that everyone ends up okay with what she did. In the end, she apologizes to the people she may have offended. This makes it satisfying to watch because her contents do not contain any negativities.

Ivana Alawi and Mona Alawi
Mona and Ivana Alawi

3. Her love for her family.

Most of her vlogs contain about her family. In her guesting at Magandang Buhay, she talked about her late father putting her name in her father’s properties and how he trusted Ivana because of her love for her family. She depicts a woman who happens to be protective of her siblings most especially to her sister, Mona Alawi. She has been proud of showing her love to her Mama Alawi and her brother, Hash Alawi as seen in her videos.

Alawi Family
Instagram | Ivana Alawi

4. Ivana Alawi being the biggest foodie

Ivana has been known for her love for foods although her sexy figure does not show it. Even the simple sardines in a can would already be delightful for her. Moreover, she is a proud food lover, being unashamed to show it in her vlogs as she munches down in her mukbang videos.

Furthermore, she said in one of her mukbang content: “Kapag maganda ka kumain, hindi mo na-eenjoy yung kinakain mo” as she tells her viewers to enjoy their grubs. Ivana has also been known for using her hands when eating because she enjoys the food more when she does not use any spoon and fork.

Ivana Alawi with foods
YouTube | foodever mukbang

5. Ivana Alawi’s generosity

Another notable trait of Ivana Alawi, her generosity towards everyone. She uploaded various vlogs seeing her giving food to people. Last September 15, 2020, Ivana surprised her brother Hash, with a new house. However,  Ivana sometimes put a little twist in surprising her siblings. Just like when she first pranked Mona then surprised her with an iPhone11 Pro Max.

Last March 26, 2020. She extended a hand to the people in need by providing them repacked foods, as seen from her Instagram post.


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6. Being free in expressing herself

In her vlogs and photos, her confidence has been evident. Personally, I find it empowering to see women being unapologetic when they freely express themselves. And Ivana has always been so open about self-expression wherein she feels better as she shows her skin to the world.


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The traits that I mentioned are just a few of the qualities that she shows in her content. We do not know her personally, but we believe that there are more qualities of Ivana Alawi that we cannot see on camera.

All in all, we can say that people loved the genuine and generous personality that she shows in her videos.

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