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Apparently, Bretman Rock fanboys over Ivana Alawi

Apparently, Bretman Rock fanboys over Ivana Alawi

The ‘Newest Pantasya ng Bayan’ Ivana Alawi is currently the happiest girl in town. The 23-year-old actress and vlogger couldn’t stop fangirling over social media superstar Bretman Rock. Well, here’s the catch: he is a huge fan of hers as well.

Bretman-Ivana, New BFFs

Just recently, the Filipino-American Youtuber sent a direct message to the Kapamilya actress, “B**** I live for you!” Well, as huge fan that she is, Ivana replied, “OMG I LOVE YOU.”


The two are now Instagram BFFs. In fact, Bretman revealed that he always watches vlogs of Ivana.

“I was just watching your YouTube videos. And I was like this b**** is so cute,” Bretman Rock wrote.

Ivana replied, expressing her desire to do a collab in the near future. “Thank u. This means so much to me. S*** I love you. Hope I could meet u soon,” she wrote.


Both vloggers are considered as the two of the most followed Filipino accounts on the Youtube. Bretman currently has 7.12 million subscribers, while Ivana reached 4.6 million subscribers.

Ivana, who felt overwhelmed and happy over the fact that he sent her a private message, took a screenshot and shared a part of their conversation on Twitter

 “S***! He watches my vlog.”

Who wants a Bretman-Ivana collab?

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