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A Story of Perseverance: Life after she lost her father

A Story of Perseverance: Life after she lost her father

Life after she lost her father

As a little girl, her father was her figure of a knight in shining armor. He showers her with security, trust, and love. As Richer’s eldest daughter, nothing could make her feel safer than having her Dad as she grew up, but that’s what she thought when everything was still okay.

For Richer Marie Waje, a 22-years-old working student since high school, nothing is more painful than losing your father at a young age. She lost her king, and ever since, she has become an independent princess to make way for running her kingdom—her life.

A Story of Perseverance: Life after she lost her father

The Best Days

Richer still remembers how handsome, funny and strong her father is. He taught her how to draw, which she loves doing until now. They would often listen to music and appreciate it. Whenever Richer cries, he kisses her to give her comfort.

It was also her father who taught her to do household chores. Her father keeps a balance between caring for her and working for the family simultaneously.

Richer’s beloved father

These are simple, yet the best days he could remember were when she was a 9-year-old innocent girl, enjoying the love her parents were giving to her along with her little brother and sister. Not until 2010 was a tragic year for her family happened. Her father was diagnosed with Kidney disease and had to leave work, and stay at home to rest.

Gone are the best days

That’s when this little princess awakens her eyes to reality at a young age. Her mother needed to work to sustain her father’s medication and their daily needs, and to help; she took over the role of running the household.

 “At a young age, I have to be responsible for household chores and taking care of my siblings. I have to be strong for them and my mom, which is one of the hardest things I have to survive every day.”

Her father decided to stay in Pampanga to continue his medication while she, her mom, and siblings were in Manila for their studies. Hanging on a thread of hope, Richer taught that things would be fine anytime soon. 

But on July 10, 2010, they traveled to Pampanga to visit her father; unfortunately, they were a little too late when they arrived–her nightmare happened.

“When we arrived there, he passed away. It was raining hard, and I wish it were just a bad dream. My mom was begging papa to wake up because she didn’t know how to begin with the three children alone.”

Facing life after losing her father

For Richer, losing her father feels like the world is against her, but she must be strong. She learned how to put a facade on her grief and maintain a happy look to look strong.  Her mother and drawing some images she learned from her father helped her cope and at least continue life. 

Standing on her own

She knows how hard it is for her mother to raise them three, so she tried her hardest to do things independently so she would not be a burden to her mom. Thus, Richer taught herself how to face problems alone.

“At 17, I worked as a service crew in McDonald’s while studying at PUP. I will go to school from 7 am to 5 pm and 6 pm to 12mn to work. It was the same routine until now in college, and I already worked six different jobs.”

Richer, a working student

The supportive people she met along the way strengthened her despite these difficulties, giving her the courage to continue aiming for her dreams in life.

What Ifs

However, Richer thinks they would live comfortably if her father were alive. The stress she gets from work and the pressure on school sometimes make her wish to experience being a full-time student,

“I will just focus on my studies, eat three times a day and get enough sleep. A simple wish that I know would never happen.”

Carrying a Brave Heart

Richer will be graduating next year, and she is very thankful for her relatives, friends, and God. They taught her to look on the brighter side of life no matter how dark the clouds are.

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Richer’s Family and relatives

With all the people she met along the way, she keeps returning to these two people who mean to her.

“From the very beginning, my parents taught me how to be a strong girl with a brave heart and mind, which I will carry forever.”

She learned a lot of things in life since she lost her father, but one of those things is that life is too short to live in grief and sadness, so she always chose gratefulness and happiness.

 A message for her father in heaven


Happy father’s day! It will be your 11th anniversary in heaven, and aside from bringing me into this world and nurturing me, you always ensured we were well protected and provided for.

No one can fill the void you left in my heart, and you are one of my inspirations to keep fighting because you have been my angel. 

You are always missed; I love you.”

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