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Ipon Tips For Broke Concert Goers

Ipon Tips For Broke Concert Goers

Tired of being a Team Bahay and Team At Least We are Breathing the Same Air during your faves’ concerts? Well, so am I! So, from a fellow broke fan to the other, here are some saving tips and tricks to ensure that you will no longer need to result with drastic measures (yes, that.) when your faves announce their concert.


The best way to save money is to have a clear goal. Visualize the concert seat you want, how many concert days you wish to attend, the merchandise you wish to have, and other related expenses that may occur. From that, you will form an estimated budget. With that budget in mind, set an ipon timeline that will motivate you to reach that goal within a particular time. Your ipon timeline will not make sense if you do not stick with it, so make sure to follow what you have earlier set.


Realistically, a single income will not be enough for saving. This is when your creativity can come to the test. Income from side hustles, like tutoring, transcribing, and editing jobs, can go a long way, especially if you plan on saving it. Another way to generate income is by selling things you no longer use. You can sell clothes, books, or random knickknacks; everything that has value but you no longer use – let go of it and allow it to have a new owner… for the right price.


Saying no to the desire to get a cup of coffee or new clothes can be disheartening, especially if it is a part of your routine. But, saying no to those “I deserve this” purchases can really help your finances during your ipon time for a concert. So, fight the spending temptations and put that extra money into your savings; your future self will thank you.


Some concert organizers might offer a pre-sale event where you can get discounted tickets. Organizers and even other fans sometimes also host a concert ticket giveaway event. Resellers right before the show may also significantly lower their ticket prices for different reasons. So, watch out for those instances, for if you are in luck, you might land a once-in-a-lifetime deal!

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Big musical acts are coming to the Philippine concert stage sooner or later. And this quick guide might help you ready your game plan, secure your funds, and, ultimately, your desired concert ticket. However, there is another tip that everyone should know.


Concerts are pricey. Sometimes, years or months of saving up are still not enough to secure a concert ticket. With that, you should know when to just call it off. You should not need to sacrifice absolutely necessary things or go totally out of your way to attend a concert. Concerts should be fun – from the beginning up until the end. So, if you cannot afford it right now, there is no shame in waiting for the next time; it does not make you less of a fan.

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