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Check out these celebrity children and their YouTube channels

Check out these celebrity children and their YouTube channels

YouTube has become a platform not just for releasing music videos and doing tutorials. It has became a platform to share people’s lifestyle, as well as funny and inspiring videos. You’ve probably seen some faces that look familiar to you. These familiar faces are the children of your favorite local celebrities.

Hence, they gear up to establish their names on the platforms.They share some behind-the-scenes of their luxury house tours, everyday routines, and even some songs they created. As children of celebrities have a lot of perks, it seems they are not shy to share their world with the virtual audience, establishing their name as content creators. 

Take a look at these YouTube channels

Mary Pacquiao

You probably have a clue about who her parents are just by her surname. Mary Pacquiao is the daughter of boxer-senator Manny Pacquiao. Her YouTube channel is composed of lifestyle vlogs and funny challenges alongside her family. In fact, Mary shares 1.34 million YouTube subscribers. Check out a sample of her vlog here:

Cassy Legaspi

The daughter of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi often shares her lifestyle on her YouTube channel. Cassy Legaspi also shares some fun challenges with her mom. She also posts vlogs and behind-the-scenes clips in the world of showbiz.

Jayda Avanzado

Jayda Avanzado is the only daughter of OPM Icons, the Philippines’ Phenomenal Diva and Jukebox Queen Jessa Zaragoza and Prince of Original “Pinoy Pop” Dingdong Avanzado. Jayda’s YouTube channel has lifestyle vlogs, make-up tutorials, and her own music. Check out her channel here:

Erin Diaz

The eldest daughter of comedian and celebrity manager Ogie Diaz boasts about almost a million subscriber. She’s not shy to show her lifestyle together with her family. In fact, her content also reflects the bonds and relationships they have as family. Check out her channel here:

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